The third day of camp started off bright and early for Camp Merri-Mac as reveille rang at 7am. Tucker Inn was full of chatter as we ate a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, hash browns, and biscuits. During announcements the girls found out what evening activity was–APACHE RACE! Chants were yelled from all three tribes. Then the girls headed up to chapel where Elizabeth T. shared a true story about going caving with a friend and how God never lets us get lost. Afterwards, tribal leaders assigned roles to each camper during their tribe meetings for tonight’s Apache Race.

The bugle rang shortly after for first period! Campers then went to their various activities. In the cooking kitchen they made mac n cheese and corn dogs. In volleyball, campers played toilet tag to warm up before starting their lesson of the day. During Paws, the campers took the pups on a nature walk around camp for all the other campers to see and enjoy! The lunch bell rang and campers came running towards Tucker Inn to satisfy their taste buds. After lunch, we all went to our cabins for rest time.

The bugle for third period rang and off to activities we went! In the enchanted barn, pottery made picture frames out of clay. On Lake Doris, kayakers learned how to wet exit for the first time while some learned T-rescues for the first time. Swimmers took their mark and swam down the lanes doing freestyle and breaststroke. Once afternoon classes ended, the girls changed into tribal gear to prepare for evening activity. The bell rang for dinner and we all headed down the hill to eat a scrumptious meal of applewood smoked pork loin, garlic rolls, cheesy potatoes, and green peas!

As I type this I can hear the chants from the Seminoles, Iroquois’, and Choctaws as anticipation for the race begins! Once again, a busy, fun-filled day at Camp Merri-Mac!

Bonnie Gibson

Rainbow Counselor

App State

Proud Seminole