Camp is officially in full swing! All around camp girls woke up for another exciting day. Beds were made, personal areas were cleaned, chores were done, and girls headed down to the Tucker Inn for a delicious breakfast of waffles and bacon! After breakfast, we headed up to chapel to sing and hear a wonderful message from Cydia, a Crosspatch counselor.

Sunnysiders returned late last night from their trip which included breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, a day spent at Max Patch, dinner at Ole’s Guacamoles, and dessert at Blue Cone! They had an exciting and jam packed day, but they were excited to be back at camp today leading songs, leading their tribes, and enjoying a day full of their favorite activities.

Throughout the day classes continued learning new skills. Climbing crushed the traverse wall and overhang today, while also working on knots and anchor building. Kayaking began learning their rolls and perfected paddling strokes. Cooking baked many, many brownies – they were very yummy! Pottery created slab mugs and learned how to throw on the wheels. Backpacking class learned how to use stoves and filter water – two essential skills to know! Alexandra D. taught the volleyball class today for her Gold Bar – she did a mighty fine job at that. Guitar was jamming out as always – in 3rd period Haley F. was learning “Here Comes the Sun” for her Gold bar. Mountain Biking took some laps around camp and up to the pump track – they shredded the gnarr today. Swimming and other lake activities had Friday-Fun-Day which means, FREE SWIM!! Many girls conquered the infamous blob today – very proud! Dance worked on split jumps and other essential movements.

Today at lunch Cabin Cakes were won! What are Cabin Cakes? Every morning after each cabin does their chores senior staff goes around and grades the cabins! At the end of the week the cabin with the BEST scores from the entire week win the CABIN CAKE!! For Junior Camp – Tweedle Dee won!! For Intermediate Camp – Jiggity Jog won!! Taking home the Gold for Senior camp – Dreams End!! (My cabin, so proud!) It is a competitive battle each week for these cakes – congratulations to everyone! Let’s see who will win again next week.

Tonight is the night for one of our most sacred traditions – White Feather. This is where we recognize girls of all ages for the achievements they have made throughout their time here at camp. Whether it was through the bar system, camper/counselor commendations, electives, or trips – each girl has made progress in White Feather this past week. Though they may not have received a promotion this week, it does not mean they have not made progress towards it. We are incredibly proud to have each girl here at camp, as a Merri-Mac girl.

The promotions received tonight are:


Nora B.

Hill C.

Scarlett I.

Mary J.

Fallin L.

Julia M.

Wren P.

Evelyn R.

Callie S.


Hill C.

Sloan H.

Clover M.

Tizzy P.

Pearl T.

Caroline G.

Grace H.

Mary P.

Whitley McKaye S.

Olivia W.


Lauren D.J.

Lane H.

Logan T.

Emma F.

Polly M.

Mira P.D.L.


Lyla A.

Kylie C.

Nora F.

Mary Kate F.

Zoe H.

Julia B.

Madeline C.

Addie F.

Gracie H.

Caroline L.

Sarah L.

Rose M.

Flannery P.

Caroline R.

Sabina S.

Isa S.

Kathryne W.

Alexa W.

Ila R.

Claire M.

Claire N.

Indigo P.

Grace R.

Libby S.

Eva S.

Anna Alton W.

Caroline W.

Crazy Creek:

Julia B.

Spencer C.

Liza M.

Nataleigh P.

Kinley C.

Vivian F.

Ila R.

Running Deer:

Gabrielle A.

Everly H.

Lindsay J.

Caroline M.

Finley M.

Kate O.

Clarissa S.

Lilly H.

Lily H.

Elizabeth I.

Gabriella K.

Taylor M.

Sophia N.

Paisley S.

Riley Leighton V.

Red Tail:

Lauren D.

Lilly H.

Nora Q.

Janie H.

Mae H.

Junior Feather:

Heather C.

Martha P.

Claire H.

This wonderful day is ending with a competitive game of Tribal Battle Ball! Tune in tomorrow to see who the winner is! Thank you for sharing your girls with us – we cherish every second of it. It will be a night of many more memories.

From this Haven,

Kristie Garren

Proud Iroquois