Reveille went off this morning, and all the girls jumped out of bed ready to begin their first day of classes at camp! Cabin chores were completed, and once the cabins looked spotless, the girls ran down to breakfast. Excitement filled the eyes of campers as they saw that we were having french toast and sausage to start off our morning. The meal was ended with the singing of fun morning songs. Afterwards, everyone raced off to Chapel. At Chapel, 10,000 Reasons was sung, and it brought a still throughout the camp as the girls’ voices echoed through the mountains.

After a little bit of free time hanging out in cabins, girls went to their first classes of the day. Elyse S. had canoeing first, and she said that she loved canoeing because the weather and counselors were nice. Haley H. went to PAWS and loved getting to play with the puppies and to cuddle with them as well. Lunch was a delicious meal of Mac and Cheese and Hawaiian ham sandwiches. Everyone ate until they couldn’t eat anymore, and then a special announcement was made at the very end of lunch. Today the campers looked for the hidden hatchet. It is said that whichever tribe finds the hatchet, will win the banner! After a few minutes of searching, Whitney S. uncovered the buried hatchet for the seminole tribe. Loud cheer erupted from all the seminoles, with high hopes for this session.

The campers got 30 minutes to rest and then ran down the hill once the bugle played ending rest hour. The line for trading post wrapped around the volleyball courts with the faces of smiling girls anticipating their afternoon snack. After two more periods of classes, and the taking of a camp picture, it was time for dinner. Cheese ravioli, vegetables, and garlic breadsticks were a huge hit, finished with vanilla pudding for dessert. Evening activity was a successful game of base jumping, in which girls try to earn points for their tribes by delivering slips of paper to certain areas of camp; without getting tagged by the counselors of course!

The first day of camp this session was so much fun and, as the girls go to sleep tonight, we know they are just thinking of how much more fun is to come over the next two weeks!

Jessica Goldman

Proud Choctaw ’18