Counselor commendations: 

Big Dipper: Ava R. and Mya P.  

Blue Heaven: Helen M. and Sarah W.

Cloud Nine: Aashna P. and Mary Elizabeth S. 

Cross Patch: Anna B. and Eloise T. 

Dreams Begin: Ann B. and Ayla L-R. 

Dreams End: Hadley N. and Millie C.

Happy Hollow: Ella H. and Charlotte Z.

Jiggity Jig: Adeline B. and Carroll W. 

Jiggity Jog: Grace G. and Eloise M. 

Little Dipper: Morgan B. 

Milky Way: Copelan R. and Elizabeth M.

Moonmist: Lily T. and Emily S.

Rainbow: Remy S., Kate A. and Grace E.

Stardust: Marie L-D. and Sophia S.

Sun Drop: Emily C. and Kate K.

Sunnyside: Jessica K. and Victoria M-S.

Sun Spot: Katherine L. and Jane S.

The Robin: Jannah S. and McLaine D.

Tweedle Dee: Luci E. and Ava O.

Tweedle Doe: Haley H. and Julianna M.

Tweedle Dot: Addie L.

Tweedle Dum: Sarah S. and Alex H.  


Camper Commendations: 

Big Dipper: Nadia R. and Olivia M.

Blue Heaven: Helen M. and Sarah W.

Cloud Nine: Aashna P. and Mary Elizabeth S. 

Comet: Lucy L. and Ellie H. 

Cross Patch: Maisie B. and Callie L. 

Dreams Begin: Ann B. and Ann Carolyn B. 

Dreams End: Audrey H. and Grace C. 

Happy Hollow: Abigail M. and Ava W. 

Jiggity Jig: Amelia B. and Katherine E. 

Jiggity Jog: Carrolline S. and Eloise M. 

Little Dipper: Mary F. 

Milky Way: Sophie T. and Sylvia B. 

Moonmist: Lily T. and Nina L. 

Rainbow: Gretchen N., Millie S. and Merrill H.

Stardust: Libby C. and Trista R. 

Sun Drop: Abigail M. and Caroline R.

Sunnyside: Payge Z. and Emily S. 

Sun Spot: Georgia V. and Jane S.

The Robin: Grace C. and McLaine D. 

Tweedle Dee: Evelyn M. and Carlyn F. 

Tweedle Doe: Emmeline C. and Penelope W.

Tweedle Dot: Jane M. 

Tweedle Dum: Britt M. and Alex H. 



Blue Heaven: Hayley F. (1)

Cloud Nine: Madison K. (1) and Kiera L. (1)

Comet: Grace H. (1) Georgia D. (1) Peyton S. (1) Ellie H. (1) 

Dreams Begin: Bella H. (1)

Rainbow: Merrill H. (1)




Basketball: Sophie T.

Fencing: Lily T.

Swimming: Austyn D., Ava R. and Maggie R.

Tennis: Grayson W. and Ellie H.  




Brooklyn B., Luci E., Avery H., Lila K., Katharine L., Amelia M., Jamison N., Caroline R., Jane S., Langston B., Carlyn F., Alex H., Kate K., Evelyn M., Abigail M., Taylor P., Emma Vance S. and Meridith M.


Emmeline C., Jane S., Alex H. and Penelope W. 


Jane M., Sarah S. and Britt M. 


Anna B., McLaine D., Grace F., Grace G., Courtney K., Harriet B., Katherine E., Kathryn G., Ella H. and Elizabeth L.

Arrow Con’t:

Eloise M., Jannah S., Carroll W., Harper Y., Carrolline S., Eloise T. and Zoe W. 

Crazy Creek:

Carolyn M., Trista R. and Copelan R. 

Long Bow:

Sophia T. 

Running Deer:

Ann Carolyn B., Millie C., Madison K., Emily S., Ava R., Remy S., Ellie H., Elizabeth R. and Maggie R.

White Feather:

Jordan W.