The last day for this session before going home. Although a lot of girls are sad to be leaving camp until next summer, everyone had a wonderful day! The sun was over looking Merri-Mac making it a warm day here. The girls came in for breakfast excited to start their days and finish any projects they still had to complete.

As the bugle went off for classes, the girls went to their last classes for the summer. In cooking, they were making snickerdoodle cookies and chocolate chip cookies. The smell coming from the cooking kitchen was amazing! In volleyball, the girls played jail and worked on their dribbling skills. In yoga, the campers learnt new techniques and played around in partners. Pottery, the girls glazed their pieces and finished any work they had started to take back home with them. In fitness, the campers ran the tomahawk trail and did a class of Zumba. Drama, the campers played some new games, working on their improv skills. The riding class went on an off trail ride and went around camp with the horses.

After the girls finished periods 1 and 2, the bugle rang for lunch. As the girls walked in to tucker inn, they could smell the delicious smell of pizza at their tables. A lot of chatter went throughout the dining hall. Many songs were sung. After lunch the girls went down for rest hour and Trade Po following rest hour. During Trade Po, Lake Dorris was holding free swim. The girls got to swim around in the cool water. A perfect summer’s day!

As the girls finished their classes for the last time for this summer, everyone walked back into tucker inn for dinner… The last supper! We had pot roast with carrots, potatoes, dinner rolls and gravy. To top the meal off, for dessert we had brownies!! My favorite and many other girls favorite!!

Although it is sad to see the campers leave, we are so excited to see them next summer! Thank you for sending your girls to Merri-Mac and allowing them to have a summer they cannot forget. We had an amazing run with this session.


We will see you next summer!


From this Haven,

Savannah Savage

Social Media Team