The radiant sun greeted Camp Merri-Mac on this beautiful Tuesday. It shone brightly over all of the day’s activities. The girls had a blast in chapel; singing and dancing to the song Spring Up a Well. Tribes started preparing for the Apache Race which will happen tonight for evening activity. It is a very big relay race that involves all the campers to do activities around the whole camp.

In diving, Kaleigh G. earned her gold at Lake Doris with a bunch of cheers from fellow campers. Kayaking practiced their wet exits, while yoga was up at Pippin Hill doing the downward dog. At the archery range, Frances Z. had fun shooting with her archery sisters.

Campers were excited to eat one of their favorite meals for lunch- taco in a bag! Girls from the two-night backpacking trip arrived during lunch and were greeted with a round of applause. After singing some fun tribal songs, the girls retreated to their cabins for a much needed rest hour; where they could relax and catch up on some Z’s or on some letter writing.

A Rafting trip went out today with: Helen N. Isa S., Anna W., Isabella C., Audrey G., Glynes H., OletaKate M., Carolina M., Virginia M., Caroline N. Carolyn N., Layne S., Pearce W., Julia Y., Ferrell W. and Campbell W. 

Things were popping during free time. Girls got their sugar rush at Trade Po’ and fun things were happening everywhere. There was a vivid game of gaga ball in the ball pit and lots of tweedles playing in the creek. Many activities, including swimming and soccer, were open during free time for girls to work on earning their bars.

Cooking class grilled some very yummy burger sliders with fries. Pottery began to glaze their pieces today and many of the girls were very excited, including Madeline W. Up in DIY, the girls were crafting scrapbook journals. Ella R. decorated hers with different colors and papers. In PAWS, the girls were training the adorable puppies to sit and rewarded them with treats.

It’s been a fun day at Merri-Mac today. We are so proud of all these girls who are so brave to try new things and take risks.

Dani M.

Proud Seminole