Happy Sunday! The girls got a little blessing today by getting extra time to sleep in, but the rain was still coming down. That didn’t stop them from having a beautiful morning! Camp is still thriving in the rain! The girls came down to a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls, fruit, bagels, and yogurt. Chocolate milk was a special treat as well and Sunnysiders led Sunday songs! After breakfast, a two-night overnight backpacking trip headed out! Cate F., Mackenzie P., Madeline W., Gabby K., Eleanor E., Tillie M., Arwin L., Livi H., Mary Raines A., Betsy B., and Alice A. all set off on their trip despite the rain. Then the girls headed up to chapel that was led today by Moonmist and Blue Heaven- the girls told and acted out the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand and did a fantastic job.

After chapel the Tweedles had free swim! Swimming in the rain made the water feel warmer and the girls had so much fun going off the blob and the diving board. The girls had Stromboli for lunch today!! It’s a camp favorite and it was devoured quickly by our hungry girls. After lunch the Tweedles had a 30 minute rest time while the older girls got to have a wonderful hour long rest time. Many girls slept while others wrote letters, read books, and just had some blessed quiet time.

After rest hour, the girls grabbed some Tray Po, then Senior Hill and Intermediate Camp headed to the lake for some free swim! The girls danced and sang on the dock in the rain and smiles were everywhere. DIY, Archery, Riflery, and Drama all opened up their activity spaces so girls could work on notebooks and bars. We are so proud of these girls who take their rest day to work on bars and improve their skills! Around 5 o’clock, girls began lining up for the cookout. Girls quite literally sprint to get a good spot in line to enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, chips, and cookies at the cookout.


Tonight our Short Term 2 Campers got initiated



Ella S. 

Coco D. 

Katherine W. 



Ayers Y

Mary Martin Y. 



Mckay B. 

Adeline G. 

Eden G. 




Margaret P.

Rainbow Counselor


Proud Seminole