I just watched 300+ girls stand in the rain, singing songs, lighting campfires and painting faces, everyone smiling. They were there to welcome eight new campers into their tribes and I’ve never been prouder. I do not know anywhere else that that many girls would stand in the mountain rain for eight girls they had never met. But they love camp, and they could not wait even one more night to make these eight a part of the family.

And now I am in my office listening to cheers and more singing, and this time they are a lot louder because they’ve just started a tribal competition, in the rain. They say optimism is a force multiplier, and these girls are a force to be reckoned with. This is a group that is easy to be proud of.

Every summer I have parents ask me why their girls are so in love with camp, why they would rather be here than anywhere else. The honest answer is that I am not completely sure, but I saw it tonight.

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