Today was another eventful day at Camp Merri-Mac. Sunnyside and Rainbow campers acted as our counselors today for staff appreciation! They started their day by waking up campers in their assigned cabins. They also helped them with cabin clean up and went with them to breakfast. After chapel, they made their way to the activities they would be teaching and facilitated the instructors in helping with the younger girls! They then ate a yummy lunch of mini corn-dogs and mac n cheese then headed to rest hour! After free time, everyone went to their last two activities of the day! It was great to see all of the campers interact in the cabins and activities, and to see the leadership that is being developed in all of the older campers!

We also had several trips that went out today. Rachel B., Presley T., Kaelie D., Elizabeth W., Chloe W., and Anabel D. all went out on a water skiing trip. Zelle W., Lydia M., Elise C., Emily M., Lyla I., Meredith S., Stella M., Kate M., Anna E., Taylor H., Frances H., and Addie W. were all able to test their skills on a climbing trip. We had a backpacking trip go out last night that Sarah T., Savannah T., Presley G., Carolyn N., Liliana E., Elizabeth B., Alison Q., and Idalia D all went on. We hope all of the girls had so much fun on their trips and hope they experienced something new!

For the past few days, girls all around camp have been singing, dancing, and acting to prepare for Fine Arts Night tonight. Campers are performing in groups, by cabins, and individually. It’s been so much fun watching everyone practice and prepare for tonight’s show. We can’t wait to watch all of the girls shine on stage and cheer them on!

Cara B. 

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