Last night was such an exciting night at camp. The girls participated in division night where they split up based on age. The tweedle campers got to have a gigantic slip n’ slide on Mackie’s green. The intermediate campers played a massive game of commando – basically a water balloon fight – up on Spencer’s green. And finally, the girls on Senior Hill got to play in pirate ball. They all loved their evening activities but especially the senior hill girls, pirate ball is a camp favorite because of the three small water games that make up one big game.

Today is the longest day of the year and we can’t be any happier to spend it at camp!

We had an excellent early start today as the bugle went off at 7 AM. The girls hurried to finish their chores and get to a delicious breakfast. We had great baked oatmeal and fruit. They then headed up to chapel where they heard from Sarah S. About a story from when she played softball. She talked on the topic of “who is God?” and brought up how he is our protector and comforter just like her dad was when she got hurt as a kid.

After chapel, the girls had a little bit of free time before they had to be at their activities. All the activities went great, and the girls who went on trips loved them! After two periods of activities, the girls came back to the Tucker Inn and enjoyed Greek Day at lunch. We had yummy pita bread and chicken with pita chips and hummus. They also had a tomato tortellini soup that everyone seemed to enjoy. We had a kayaking trip go out to the lower green, and the girls arrived just in time for dinner. The afternoon was exceptionally beautiful as there was not a cloud in the sky! In kayaking, campers continued to work on rolls and wet exits. In volleyball, some girls
worked towards their bars. And in tennis, they did some drills and played queen of the court to practice their skills.

Today we had four trips go out! Our first was water ski with Olivia C, Abby E, Sophia F, Blair G, and Elanor P. Backpacking went out with Halia D, Sarah T, Savannah T, Presley G, Carolyn N, Liliana E, Elizabeth B, and Alison Q! Mountain biking headed over to Camp Timberlake with Ella W, Caroline C, Jana Lane W, Claire M, Charlotte W, Caroline M, and Campbell E. Our last trip to go out was kayaking! Caroline W, Cheney C, Lynley T, Taylor S, Elizabeth R, Lauren M, Riley C, Mary Louise J, and Clara S all had a blast!

Tonight the evening starts with a white feather presentation, and then the girls will play a big game of gold rush where they get to play against their counselors and compete for golden treasure hidden around camp. We can’t wait!

Mary Hodgewood