Merri-Mac friends and family, can you believe it’s the last week of first session??! We woke up this morning to some welcomed sunshine after a restful Sunday. This morning girls sprung up, did their chores and hurried down to breakfast where maple sausage, hash browns, and scrambled eggs were all on the menu, also for the healthy options we had oatmeal and a biscuit bar! At Chapel girls sang fun familiar songs and praised the Lord with friends then listened to a short message from Adam.

Onto activities! Today at breakfast we were all surprised and excited to find out that today was like no other; its TRIBE FEST! On tribe fest, we don’t have classes (except for our horseback riders of course) and we play tribe evening activities all day! From chapel the girls rushed to put on their bathing suits to try out for swimfest that would be happening after lunch! After tryouts, the girls changed yet again into their tribe jerseys. Covered head to toe in paint and glitter (the best gold and blue of course) the girls were ready to battle for their tribe in our first activity of the day; a camp favorite El Presidente. Concluding our first tribal game, the girls ate a satisfying lunch of Monte Cristo sandwiches, amazing fries, and cantaloupe. At lunch, Kristie announced spirit points for Gold Rush – Chactaw!! The winner of El Presidente was Iroquois and spirit points went to the Seminoles!!! Following lunch, we moved to swim fest! An all out competition where girls compete in MANY relays. Among those are all the classic strokes; freestyle, back, breaststroke, and butterfly and even the corkscrew. All of our campers from Jr. camp to senior hill participate and even some staff too! Following the relays, we had a belly flop contest, blobbing contest, and the honorable tribal leaders relay! The winner of the swimfest has yet to be announced.

On to dinner! For dinner, we had one of my personal favorites, lasagna, with bread and Brussel sprouts and for dessert oreo pudding (absolute favorite). Following dinner, our last evening activity was announced and it’s an absolute camp classic……INFERNO! This game is sure to be action-packed and lots of fun in store for our campers! Oh and one more thing, we had a special visitor to do some announcements…SANTA & MRS. CLAUSE!!! It’s Christmas Eve!!!!! The girls all screamed at the top of their lungs and danced to “All I want for Christmas is you” as we welcomed in a camp tradition, Christmas has come to camp. Tonight will be filled with lots of fun and a few Christmas carols to finish the night off.

For our explorers on expedition trips today we had Rafting: Catherine T., Elizabeth W., Chole W., Adelaide W., Madeline W., Blair G., Stella D., and Kate C.. On Waterskiing, Laura F., Adair L., Ashley M., Kaci M., and Makenzie R. Last but not least Backpacking; Arwen L., Elenor E., Alison Q., Lizzie R., Ruthann S., Elizabeth R., Betsy B., and Ryan S.

Today sure has been a beautiful day and tomorrow is sure to be one as well! We love camp and can’t wait to see what this last week of session 1F/1B holds!!

Camp is great!

Sarah S.

Big Dipper Counselor

Go Seminoles!