Spirits were high today at camp as girls woke up to the sound of Christmas music and the smell of warm donuts and hot chocolate! Christmas at camp is a highly anticipated day by many so it was no surprise to see big smiles and many laughs all through the day. After enjoying our morning breakfast the girls headed to the chapel where they heard about the Velveteen Rabbit and how Jesus is able to transform our hearts and make us real. Naturally, many Christmas songs were sung, making it the perfect way to head to activities.


Morning activities were a success!! In backpacking, girls were able to tree climb! They set up ropes and harnesses to climb the biggest tree at camp, and it was a blast! Many girls practiced and nailed new dives in diving. Riflery was a “hit” as girls finished up their bars and achieved their goals. Morning activities came to a close with a delicious Christmas lunch of turkey, stuffing, rolls. Finishing lunch with Christmas song and tribal anticipated for the Great Escape, the girls headed to rest hour.


The sound of the bell goes off and girls are off to the races for Trading Post. Free time was delightful today filled with fencing and gaga ball tournaments, pottery and time with friends making precious memories. Next thing we know, girls dashed to the dock, the enchanted barn, the tennis courts, the riflery range and everywhere else on camp to begin their classes.


We had two trips go out today! Airsoft headed out in the afternoon accompanied by Emily M, Katherine M, Presley T, Kaelie D, Gabrielle K, Meredith S, Maxine H, Amelia D, and Zelle W. Climbing also went out for a fun day with Madigan E, Avery C, and Ava H! 


So many exciting things happened this afternoon. Girls finished their pieces in pottery, performed improv, made Christmas pasta, led classes and more. Activities are such a special part of camp because girls are able to see and pursue their growth. Merri-Mac, in particular, is special because it creates an environment for every type of girl to thrive. As activities end, girls change into their tribal jerseys for the evening activity,


Tonight the girls are playing The Great Escape, a camp favorite. Girls will run around in teams and earn clues in the hope of finding the flag. Whichever tribe finds the flag first will win. Every point counts into winning the banner. It is so fun seeing the joy and energy girls have when playing these games. Of course, the night will be finished with a fun activity and devotion and tomorrow the fun will begin again.


As this session comes to a close in the next couple of days its exciting to the continuation of growth, friendship and adventure within our campers. We will be cherishing our time with each other even more in the next couple of days.


From This Haven,

Abby Baird

The Robin

Proud Choctaw