In the blue ridge mountains of Merri-Mac….


The bugle played bright and early at 7 am, after cabin clean-up, campers and staff ate a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes, fruit, grits, and biscuits. Afterward, the girls sang songs in chapel including “The Banana Song” and “Amazing Grace” to the tune of The Eagles song “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” The Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminoles then proceeded to tribal meetings where they learned songs and chants. The campers then went to their first day of classes for their Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedules! We could not have asked for better weather for the first day of class. It was such a beautiful day! At lunch, we had an absolute camp favorite, mac and cheese, and corndogs! The girls sang songs with their tribe before being sent out to the front green to search for the hatchet that hides in the small wooded area that is in front of the big house. Each year at the end of the session, tribal leaders will bury the hatchet to mark the end of the competition. At the start of the session the entire camp searches for the hatchet to mark the beginning, legend also has it whoever digs up the hatchet will win the banner! Today the Iroquois tribe found the hatchet! Tonight, the tribes are playing sock war, a game of free-for-all capture the flag where the participants tag each other out using socks. Two tribes play at a time, and the third tribe cheers and sings on the sideline. This is undoubtedly the most classic Merri-Mac evening activity as it always falls on the first day of camp! For dinner, we had cheese ravioli and cauliflower, and for dessert, we had the camp favorite, s’more pockets!


We had a rafting trip go out today, and they went to the Pigeon River! The participants were Anna C., Caroline D., Kayleigh G., Ashton G., Lauren M., Anna., Morgan R., Lily D., Lindsey F., Clare O., Caroline W., and Sarah R.


It indeed was an exciting, fantastic, safe, first day of camp! We feel especially blessed it stayed sunny all day! Thank you again for sharing your daughter with us this summer.


-Grace E.