It’s been a great Wednesday at Merri-Mac! It started with a beautiful morning as campers woke up and began chores. After a breakfast of yummy french toast we headed to the chapel to hear a true story from Margaret P. about how God is like a father. Then all the campers raced to their tribe meetings and to find their cabin score.

Chapel flew by and it was soon time for first period. All around girls were enjoying rides on the horses, walking the puppies around camp, learning how to wet exit in kayaking, and learning how to properly serve in volleyball. Second period started, girls working on pinch pots in pottery, crafting, and skits. As always, in every activity the girls had a smile on their face that stretched ear to ear, it is obvious that they love their activities and that they are learning so much. A little rain showered camp today but that didn’t stop all of our fun activities!

Merri-Mac girls love their trips! So this morning a bunch of trips went out. Backpacking took their first hike and Samantha F., Marley T., Caroline W., Analise B., Gabriella K., Sarah T., Savannah T., Madeline W., and Presley T. got to explore the beautiful blue ridge mountains. Rowry Ann C., Samantha G., Frances Z., Ava R., and Uma V. had an adventurous day waterskiing at Lake James. Climbing also took a trip out! Arwen L., Madigan E., Anna Catherine M., Maggie G., Livi H., and Ava H. got to climb at Ship Rock for their first climbing trip of the summer.

At lunch we had the classic taco in a bag which got all the campers excited. Then after lunch the campers headed to rest hour which was super peaceful as it started to rain while everyone rested and wrote letters on their bunks. Then, the best time of the day, Tray-po!! All the campers ran down to get some candy and played games with their cabins. The girls headed to their third and fourth periods. In archery the girls learned the correct way to shoot a bow and all the safety procedures. In DIY the girls are making painting books to keep all of their fun memories inside. Base Jumping started with a boom after dinner as the girls ran and played trying to not get caught by their counselors dressed in black- the tribe with the most clues at the end of the game wins. After Base jumping the girls head to their cabins to have post evening activities and devotions to recap the day. Another fun day here at Merri-Mac- what a sweet start to the summer!