Camp Merri-Mac is the best place to be. I think for a lot of our campers and staff if asked, they would answer the same. The Blue Ridge Mountains that surround camp offer a unique comfort as well as opportunities for adventure. There is a spot here at camp that you can often find campers and staff alike stopping at to gaze over the tennis courts- to see a majestic ridge-line, visible from that specific vantage point. It’s breathtaking and could make you feel tiny. The part that I love about that spot though is that it provides you with a feeling of belonging- because you are looking out at God’s vast creation and it’s so big and so beautiful- yet at camp, you learn that He created you perfectly and wonderfully. This, I think is one of the reasons that make camp so beautiful- it’s a space where you can feel more loved than you have ever felt before by both God and the community that makes Merri-Mac so unique.

So this morning, when all of the girls gathered in a circle on the back green to sing songs about friends and their sweet memories made at camp, they may have been feeling a little bit down at the notion of leaving. This is normal, and somehow exciting because these girls have made one more year of lasting growth of friends through adventure- and they are now counting down the days until they are back in the best place to be.


From this haven…

Zena D. 

Social Media Director 

9th summer