Today was an awesome Thursday for all our Merri-Mac girls! The day started bright and early at 6 am for campers that wanted to change their activities. Next, revile hit and all the cabins got to cleaning. After breakfast, all of Merri Mac went to chapel were Adam B. taught us that a relationship with Jesus is the only thing that can satisfy us. In first period, basketball practiced drills, yoga made a new stretch called “the worm”, and drama class performed some hilarious skits. Second period came around, and diving girls worked on their inward somersault, puppy camp worked on leash training the puppies, and kayaking learned T rescues and their wet exit. Cooking made some very fancy, delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.


While some girls were having fun in activities, other girls were growing through adventures outside of camp. A kayaking trip went out today to the Tuck with Sarah Caulley S., Mackenzie P., Eleanor E., Moriah S., Lauren M., and Arwen L. A backpacking trip also went out today with Caroline C., Addison T., Kallan W., Emma D., Isla Mae M., Harper G., Ella B., Campbell G., Hayden M., Elise S., Frances Z., and Ava R. Also, a rafting trip went out with Cassia De V., Sophia K., Charlie P., Dylan Q., London W., Anna G., Adeline P., Lauren R., Georgeann W., Kensley W., Elizabeth A., and Emily A.


After rest hour some of the girls on Senior Hill ran the Tomahawk Trail! Next came afternoon activities where volleyball worked on bars, canoeing played star, and junior lifeguarding working on their active drowning victim rescue. In 4th period, DIY crafts painted notebooks, and in tennis, Tweedles did some awesome forehands and backhands. For evening activity, campers played Gold Rush. Campers searched all over camp to find lots of hidden gold for their tribe. Campers scouted out gold while counselors clothed in black, the bandits, tried to steal all the golden treasure. Overall it was a great day to be a Merri-Mac girl!

-Keely W., Swimming