No rain yet!


It’s been a very cloudy day at camp, but with no rain!


Today all started with the beautiful sound of the bugle at 7 am. Girls ran down to the Tucker Inn for a hearty breakfast of potatoes, eggs, and yummy biscuits. Then, the chapel bell rang where we sang the infamous “Banana Song,” “Oceans,” “Good, Good Father.” It was followed with a story from Adam where he shared a story about his experience as a waiter where the cafeteria he was working at had run out of chicken nuggets, and he had to trick the customers into thinking the catfish nuggets were chicken nuggets. Once, they took a bite they knew it wasn’t chicken just like how you can trick yourself into thinking you can fix something with hard work, but the only true way to fix anything is through Jesus Christ using Jeremiah 50:6.  


Then at promptly, 10 am the 1st classes began! In all classes, they went over everyone’s favorite, the safety talk!  Girls molded mouth guards in lacrosse and played “Queen of the Court” in tennis. Then, In yoga they learned the warrior poses and tree poses. By the Mike, girls alternated in climbing between the rock wall or going outside to the traverse wall.


We also had three trips go out today! A rafting trip had their first excuersion of the session. The participants were Julia B, Lavinia C, Anna Claire E, Loraine F, Stella J, Ashley M, Anne Marie S, Evelyn C, Mary Paige S, Aurielia C, Caroline C, Avery G, Emerson S, Ashby T, Anna G, and Mary S! Mountain biking had a smaller crew that included Taylor S, Ella W, Samantha F, Gabriella K and Molly M. Our last trip was to the beautiful Catawba Falls. Lucy C, Carly S, Ana R, Annete L, Uma V, Ella B, Lucy M, Islamae M, Tess M, Emily C, and Polly M all got to hike up to the awesome waterfall. Every camper was busy with exciting activities! 


For lunch, we had a camp favorite, taco in a bag and delicious peaches! Then, they headed to rest hour to renew their energy until 2 pm where they run down to the Trading Post for candy and snacks! Girls then had free time to play tetherball and get ready for tonight’s evening activity, Tribal Volleyball! Girls had to try-out for either their A or B teams or for the Tweedles, they tried out for their tribe’s newcomer team! There will be loud music and no spirit points for teams so everyone is going to have fun and dance and play some volleyball!

It sure was a merry day!


Meghan M.


10th summer

Proud Seminole


Diamond O.


1st summer

Proud Choctaw