Happy Saturday! Today we started our day at 7:00a.m. by reveille. All the girls slowly rolled out of bed and began their morning cleaning routines. Once all of the cabins were spic and span, everyone headed to the tucker inn where a delicious breakfast of waffle sticks and sausage awaited.


At chapel, we heard a message from counselor Bailey Z. about “who is Jesus?”. First and second periods went off without a hitch! In canoeing, girls learned how to t-rescue! In backpacking, they learned about “LNT” or Leave no trace.


A few trips left this morning! Waterskiing left for a beautiful day on Lake James with Caroline A., Liza M., Jane M., Shea P., Jane T., and Mary T.! Mountain Biking ventured over to our brother camp for an awesome ride on the trails with Grace M., Mary D., Sydney H., Lila O., Mims P., Clover M., Ellie L., and Frances T! Kayaking enjoyed a trip to the Lower Green with Finley M., Sabrina R., Caroline S., Anna R., Liza M., Julia B., and Jillian V. An adventurous day hike left with Gigi N., Georgia D., Anna K., Clarissa S., Gemma W., Lindsay J., Gabby A., Grace C., Ella Grace W., Emily B., Ava A., Elizabeth W., and Julia B. to Frying Pan Tower and Skinny Dip falls!


At 12:30 the lunch bell rang and all the campers shuffled into the tucker inn to discover it was Greek day, one of camps favorites!! At the end of lunch it was time for the announcement everyone has been waiting for… evening activity! BATTLE BALL!!!! After thrilling chanting of tribes and a very exciting meal, all the girls went back to their cabins for a rest time, and shortly after ran down to get a treat at the trading post followed by intermediate free swim and third and fourth periods. Cooking made sliders, drama worked on bars, and fencing worked on new techniques.


Finally it was dinner time, apple cinnamon pork and hash brown casserole were served! Excitement was in the air for the fun evening activities rapidly approaching! Overall it was a great day to have a great day!


From this haven,

MoMo S.

11th summer at camp

Rainbow counselor