Hello again! Another Sunday, another chance I have to write the daily camp blog. To be completely honest, Sundays are one of my favorite parts of camp. Today was no exception to that rule. For starters, we got to sleep in an extra hour today. Then after a fantastic breakfast of cinnamon rolls, we gathered in the Chapel for worship. Today’s Chapel message was given by campers from Jiggity Jog. They performed a skit about Joseph and his coat of many colors. After that, the girls had free time and Tweedle Dum took a Trip to the Boyd’s house for a dip in their pool!

Personally, I love seeing what the girls think of to pass the time. The Tweedle cabins (our youngest campers) had free swim this morning, with Nora and Alaina B spotted building sandcastles at the bank of Lake Doris. Many other campers went shopping for Merri-Wear in the camp store, getting sweatshirts for the cooler mornings here in the NC mountains.

A stroll through camp revealed girls in every ENO, just hanging around. A walk further up the mountain revealed a leg shaving party on the Blue Heaven and Moonmist porch. Now, here at camp, we encourage the girls to find the fun in all everyday activities. And sometimes for them, that includes putting on a swimsuit and shaving your legs with your friends. God created Sunday for rest and reflection. It’s these little memories, though they may seem silly now, that girls will carry with them as they remember how much fun they had at camp. After a hearty lunch of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, campers and counselors settled in for an hour long nap.During this time, girls who have a brother at Timberlake got the chance to see them for Sibling Day. They were able to hang out at the lake and eat a later lunch together. Rest hour was followed by snacks from Tray-Po and a roll clinic at the lake for kayakers. Around this time, girls who had gone out on trips began to return. Which brings us to now. Counselors are currently grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for a camp-wide cookout. Then we will all head back to the chapel for skits and songs to round out the night. Sundays here at camp are certainly something special.

From this Haven,

Cydia W.

Happy Hollow

2nd Summer at Camp