At 7 a.m. girls started rustling around in their cabins. Everyone wants to make sure that their chore is done well so that they can get a good score in cabin clean-up! Following cabin clean-up, girls ran down to breakfast and filled up on biscuits, eggs, sausage, and hash-browns before heading to chapel.


A waterskiing trip left camp today to soak up some sun and master skiing, knee boarding and maybe even wakeboarding! Dahlia A., Maye N. Tizzy P., Margaret R., and Hattie T. all had some fun on Lake James!


The girls went from chapel to their tribe meetings. The new campers learned some more of their tribe’s songs before heading to their activities.

Girls in Backpacking today learned about different aspects of hiking: leave no trace, types of clothing needed for hiking, and how to pack a backpack before going on a hike. In soccer, they worked on shooting and finished class with a game of World Cup, and Climbing got to climb the Upper Tower in the sunshine! The bugle rang and everyone headed down to the Tucker Inn for a good meal of Greek food! Pita Pockets filled with chicken and lots of toppings filled our stomachs!


Following the delicious lunch, the girls went back to their cabins to rest up, and then headed to hang out at Trading Post. After some free time, the girls finished out their days with more activities. It was a beautiful afternoon on Lake Doris as girls in Kayaking worked on their t-rescues and girls in Canoeing practiced un-swamping their canoes. Others were able to read and relax on Tweedle Porch while they worked on their summer reading. All in all, it was a beautiful day at camp!


Tonight is cabin night, where each cabin does their own activity and it is a great way for the girls to get to know their counselors and the other girls in the cabin. The girls are so excited to get to spend time with their cabin and have some fun doing everything from making milkshakes to swimming in Lake Doris!


Julia Farley C.

Tweedle Dot Counselor