The day started out full of sunshine and joy as we started our morning with breakfast casserole and coffee cake. Reckless Love was sung in chapel this morning which is a favorite song. Lainey told us about who man is and how we try to be perfect during our ‘true story” in chapel.


In climbing today Luca T. Showed off her bouldering skills as she works to get her silver. Eva S. also did amazing in climbing as she works toward her bronze. In Gymnastics, Frances P. worked on her front walkover and Blair J. worked on her back kick over. Clarissa S. and Mollie R. practiced various scales in guitar in order to receive their gold bar! In Backpacking, the girls were divided into teams to earn points based on their knowledge of tying knots, setting up tarps, and campsites. In tennis, Allie C. got her gold!


We had PIZZA for lunch. A classic meal that everyone can get behind. After some loud and spirited tribal cheers, the evening activity was announced. TONIGHT IS GOLD RUSH! This game involves pieces of “gold” being scattered around camp. Girls have to find gold, and the heavier the better. At the end of the game the gold is weighed and the tribe with the heaviest amount of gold wins. However, bandits (counselors) try and steal the gold. So the girls have to present a table of judges their best story as to why they should receive the gold. It’s a blast, and we expect hilarious stories and loud cheering.


It rained for a little while and storms were supposed to come our way. But, we were blessed with sunny weather for the rest of the afternoon.

This afternoon, Kayaking was working on side by side rescues, which Claire R. and Kate A. rocked at. Junior Lifeguarding practiced various types of rescues as well. Poppy W. and Lily T. had an intense fencing match that was so much fun to watch. Pottery worked on coil plates today as well as teaching some Senior Hill girls how to throw on the wheel. Today, Cooking made fancy grilled cheeses.


The fun also left camp today on a few trips. Madeline M. Ava Noelle S., Lyla A., Eliza D., Katherine D., Shea P., Bradley M., Jillian V., Emily B., Sarah B., Madison P., Dana B., Spencer C., Ellie G., Chloe V., Palmer M., and Ella Grace W. went on a rafting trip. Olivia B., Laurence B., Harper L., Poppy W., Marin D., Eliza Dunn T., Katherine K., Janie H., and Mattie G. went on a Mountain Biking trip to Timberlake. Amelia C., Claire H., Maddie W., Ann B., Paisley S., and Hannah S. went on a Kayaking trip. Finally tonight, all of Big Dipper cabin gets to do a cabin trip at the Boyd’s house which involves swimming in their lovely pool.


Bless this Camp!