It’s a good day to have a good day! This wonderful morning started with something we like to call “Circle Breakfast,” made up of biscuits, circle sausage, eggs, and hash browns. All of our Sunnyside campers and counselors left this morning for their Sunnyside Trip! This trip is something that every camper looks forward to for many years. When breakfast and the singing concluded, the girls headed up to chapel! After singing a few chapel songs and the Camp Hymn, Rainbow counselor Grace E. answered the question “Who is God?” by saying that God is light, meaning that He comforts and protects us. 
A Waterskiing trip also went out with Gabrielle G., Mary P., Megan T., Iris Y., Ann Caldwell M., and Grace H.

With the start of first period came the excitement to try new things and learn new skills. In pottery, Senior Hill campers Sarah P., Lindsay J., and Milly C., learned how to use the wheel to make a bowl or mug, and Intermediate and Junior campers made bowls using a coil technique. In backpacking, girls participated in team building activities to learn how to work better as a team and learned how to tie very useful knots. Sarah B. and Vivian F. especially loved learning these new knots!

For lunch we had a chicken sandwiches and Saratoga chips, a camp favorite! After lunch, the Seminoles, Iroquois, and Choctaw sang their hearts out to tribal songs that were led by the “Dream-Bow” aged girls (rising 10th grade) who took over the Sunnysiders’ roles today while they were gone. The girls headed up to rest hour with full bellies and lots of adrenaline from all the tribal excitement. Our girls enjoyed treats during trading post and had a blast hanging out with all their friends during free time. The  “Jiggity Jog Spa” was open during free time and I heard that it was a hit among the Bear Camp girls! 

After a much needed restful break in the day, girls hurried to their third period classes. In guitar class, Finley M., Clarissa S., and Emma A. had a blast teaching each other different songs that they know. Down the hill in cooking class, campers got to build their own grilled cheese, choosing from several types of cheese, meat, and other toppings. The end result looked and smelled delicious!  This afternoon, the Sunnyside girls came back to camp to got ready for pictures and dinner, which they were extremely excited about. Mary Elizabeth G. expressed that this day has been one of her favorite days so far! 

For the rest of us, the evening activity is Cabin Night! Every cabin does something different and really gets to bond as a cabin. For example, Tweedle Dum is doing the Slip-N-Slide, Comet is doing a scavenger hunt that ends with a delicious treat, and a few cabins are having free swim!  Needless to say, after a long, fun, exciting day, our girls will sleep very well tonight! Thank you for sharing your daughters with us this summer! Happy Camping!

Signing off, 

Sarah Renshaw 

Comet Counselor

Diving Extraordinaire 

Proud Seminole