Good morning! Today is the first day of camp and all the girls are in a flurry of excitement as they await their schedules at breakfast! This morning’s breakfast is biscuits, potatoes and eggs; a true camp classic breakfast! After each camper has a good breakfast and receives their schedule for the day, the girls head to chapel to sing worship songs and dance around with our friends. Libby R. tells a sweet story about how God molds us just as a potter does and how unlike we as humans do—he is never frustrated by our imperfections.

A few Trips went out this morning! Waterskiing headed out to Lake James with Hannah S., Kate H., Isabella D., Breland B., Olenna E., Caroline S.  Tweedle Dum went on a dayhike headed out with Eva B., Lucy D., Leyton G., Zoey G., Bethany H., Mary Ketherine R., Jane S., Megan T., Emma W., and Elizatbeth W. Our best Kayakers: Ansleigh S., Lily H., Sarah S., Kate S., Gretchen N., Claire H., Ann Gardiner H. and Elizabeth C.  left for Camp Cup to compete on the river.

After starting the day right, the girls prepare for a full day of fun classes and new activities! The first bell went off and girls scramble to their first class and then their second soon after and before you know it it’s time for lunch! Today’s lunch is mini corn dogs and mac-n-cheese; everyone’s favorite! Today we had a birthday—Gabby in Tweedle Doe! After a spirited announcement of tonight’s evening activity (sockwar!!!) it’s time for my personal favorite—rest time!! Each camper gets into her bunk and sits quietly for the 30 minutes before trading post to prepare themselves for the sprint down the hill to get their candy!

Free time was full of tetherball matches, conversations with friends and preparation for the next two activities. The bell for activities rung and soon the girls were off to learn things like how to do their roll in kayaking or how to knit a scarf. Todays second period was shortened by the all camp picture. All the girls went up to their cabins to put on their whites and get ready to smile big! The whole camp squeezed in real tight and all the girls smiled as wide as possible in hopes of getting the one dollar bill from Zena D.—the prize for the BEST smile! After the picture all the girls went back to their cabins to put on their tribe jerseys and grab a sock for sockwar!!

The girls ran down from their cabins for dinner and soon after—tonight’s tribal game—sockwar! After sockwar each cabin has a different post evening activity, anything from making s’mores to slip-n-slide to swimming at the Boyd’s. The end of the night rolls around and it comes time for each girl to go to her cabin for a shower and a devotional to get ready for another great day at camp Merri-Mac!

From this Haven,

Mary L.