It’s a Merri day Merri-Mac! It was a wonderful second day of camp! Today, we woke up to a nice cooler morning and a delicious breakfast of French toast and sausage. After breakfast, the girls stood on their benches and sang some breakfast songs, “Be kind”, “I’m a villain”, and a camp favorite, “Rattlin’ Bog”. After some very energetic singing, the girls rushed off to the chapel to hear a message from our director Adam about who God is.


After chapel, the girls went to tribal meetings where they learned new tribal cheers and then went to their first and second activities. I enjoyed getting to play the world cup in soccer class and see Paisley L. show off her roll in kayaking. Lunch today was another camp favorite, taco in a bag! After lunch, we sang some spirited tribal songs where every camper was up on their bench. Kristie G. announced the winner of the golden sock, which was …. CHOCTAW! And the winner of the spirit points was the Seminoles! Finally, the evening activity for tonight is base jumping, which is where the campers are assigned a super-secret mission to deliver slips of paper to different bases for their tribes.

We had three trips go out today! Our first trip was rafting with Caroline D, Katherine W, Sabrina R, Amelia W, Grace C, Julia B, Caroline C, Kenley C, Isabel D, Grace L, and Claire M. Kayaking went out for the “Camp Cup’ with Ansleigh S, Lily H, Sarah S, Kate S, Gretchen N, Ann H, and Elizabeth C. A few of the Sunspot girls went on a day hike to a waterfall! Isabella D, Macie D, Lilly H, Emma L, and Lucy T all had a blast!

After all the excitement at lunch, the girls headed off the rest hour, the best (half) hour of the day. Then came free time where all the girls ran to the trading post to get some candy and play tetherball, and the junior camp got to enjoy a free swim at the lake. The third and fourth period brought even more excitement, and I enjoyed playing volleyball with Gemma W., Sabrina R., Hannah S., and Lindsay J. Cooking today was making magic cookie bars, and yoga was working on some awesome new poses. Right now, we are getting ready to enjoy a dinner of chicken and rice, and I love seeing all the girls in their tribal gear! Let’s go Seminoles!


Sydney Belt

Blue Heaven Counselor

Backpacking Counselor

Proud Seminole