As we approach the end of our second session, the campers are wrapping up their activities and treasuring their last day here at Merri-Mac until next summer. The day began with delicious waffle sandwiches and several camp songs. After breakfast, the girls headed to the waterfront where our oldest group of campers, “The Sunnyside Girls,” led chapel. Each camper read their favorite bible verse followed by several worship songs. The service was truly beautiful and honored the older girls. After the first period of classes, all of the campers headed to their cabins to pack! While packing can be chaotic, many of the cabins packed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Several trips were sent out this morning from camp! A mountain biking trip went out with BellaRose G., Annie H., Kate O. Hayley F., and Kathryn C. A day hike went out with Millicent C., Cameron P., Anna O., Nellie R., Mackenzie S., Lucy L., Grace A., Sarah W., Gracie A., and Phoebe F. Finally, a kayaking trip went out with Kate S., Sarah S., Bella H., Lily H., Ansleigh S., Grethen N., Lizzie C., and Ann Gardiner H.

Lunch entailed a camp classic- pepperoni and cheese pizza! The campers enjoyed thirty minutes of rest time before practicing for the closing ceremony. After a little bit of free time, the campers were off to their afternoon classes! Backpacking class included a camper favorite- tree climbing! In cooking, the girls made kabobs on the grill with rice. Tennis class involved the game, “Queens of the Court,” where the girls played each other in doubles- tournament style. Many beautiful pieces were crafted in pottery and lots of campers practiced their climbing, archery, and kayaking skills today!

Post classes and dinner, the girls are gearing up for a camp tradition- White Feather. Congrats to Ann B., Lucy D., and Elizabeth R. for earning the rank of White Feather! Following the ceremony, all of the campers travel to the lakeside for one of their closing ceremonies. Lakeside, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful ceremonies Merri-Mac holds. Throughout the gathering, each girl holds a candle on a plate which will eventually be lit. Each candle will be released into the lake at the end of the ceremony after all of the songs which creates a spectacular view. Lakeside is quite a special tradition here at camp. The girls will enjoy one last night in their cabins and try to get some rest because tomorrow is a big day. The girls get to see their families AND the banner is announced!!


From this Haven,

Hailey W.

Jiggity Jog Counselor

Backpacking Teacher