Today was a beautiful day here at Merri-Mac! The day started off with a camp favorite for breakfast: baked oatmeal! After a yummy meal in the Tucker Inn and some fun camp songs like “You Can’t Have One” and “Princess Pat,” the girls headed off to chapel where we sang a camp classic, the banana song! The girls were up and jumping around, worshipping God and it was a beautiful sight to see. Adam told a story about his friend earning a purple heart in battle and connected it to the way that in order to have a relationship with God, we must wholly surrender.

A few trips went out this morning! A day hike went out with Poppy S., Marjory M., Ember S., Aubrey M., Abigail M., Sailor V., Ellie B., Rebecca M., Harper R., Kate N., Rebecca K. and Marin C. A Kayaking trip went out with Kate A., Madison W., Mya P., Grayson W., Knowlton W., Nellie R., Poppy W., Laura P., Lauren B., and Elizabeth H. A Canoe trip went out with Callie T., Grace H., Sarah S., Hayley F., Lily T., and Emma W.  Lastly a Waterski trip went out with Julia D., Lillian F., Annie H. Chloe L., and Emma W. 

The girls headed off to classes after a little bit of free time. Cooking made kabobs on the grill with a side of rice and I even got a peek at some pumpkin spice donuts! Pottery finished glazing their projects to prepare them for the kiln and DIY put the finishing touches on their books and the Sunnysiders worked on their suns to get them ready for White Feather tomorrow, a camp tradition! Volleyball did some drills, fencing had some practice matches, and knitting learned to crochet. It definitely was a busy, fun-filled morning!

For lunch was sandwiches and curly fries, a crowd favorite! After some rest time, the girls had trading post and enjoyed some sweet treats and Tweedle Dee headed to the Boyd’s house for swimming and games before coming back for some more fun. Then it was off to activities after some tetherball and bracelet making! Swimming, diving, and canoeing enjoyed some free swim in honor of the sun and their hard work this last week on bars with many of their girls earning their bronze and silver and Kate O. even earning her gold yesterday in competitive swimming after several years of hard work! Their celebration even included the blob! Backpacking worked on knots and learned about pulleys and got to swing from trees while next door, riding got to get on the horses bareback and trot!

But today’s fun wasn’t only at camp! Several girls got to go out on trips, including a rafting trip, a climbing trip, a kayaking trip, a canoeing trip, and a backpacking day hike! They all have been getting back this afternoon and had a blast!

The girls are wrapping up classes and getting ready to dawn their war paint and tribe jerseys for a camp favorite: GOLD RUSH!! This is our final tribal game and the girls are the most excited I’ve seen them all session! They cheered and screamed and jumped on the benches at lunch in excitement! They can’t wait to hide from the bandits and run all over camp earning points for their tribe before the second session banner is announced in two short days!

 From this Haven,

Hannah Hickel

Tweedle Dot Counselor

Swimming Counselor