Hello Merri-Mac family, so glad you checked in! At the sound of the bugle, (7 am sharp!) campers jumped out of bed with joy in the hearts after our restful Sunday fun. Cabins were tidied, hair was braided, teeth were brushed—all part of this happy little routine that does so well here at camp! The most amazing aroma wafted from Tucker Inn, and girls were thrilled to watch platters of hot pancakes and mini sausages carried to their tables. Morning songs were sung with excitement for the day to come, and Chapel followed with beautiful praises such as “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go” and “Good, Good Father.” Margaret P. gave her message about trusting the Lord in all circumstances, whether it be as she did on a white-water trip with her dad or in the hesitant, moment by moment steps we take every day.

A few happy trips went out this morning!

On our canoeing trip, we had Riley M, Kate S., Kennedi G., Allison C., Claire R., Carly G., and Lyla A.!

On our overnight backpacking trip, we had Isabel D., Georgia D., Lily T., Gigi N., Clarissa S., Caroline S., Madeline M., and Caroline D.!

On our waterskiing trip, we had Rose M., Grace R., Caroline S., Lillian V., Emily B., and Sarah B.!

First Period included all kinds of fun for all, but our campers in Pottery worked diligently on painting their clay masterpieces before they applied glaze! Laine H. used gorgeous turquoise and dark blue shades on her piece. Second Period came upon us so quickly—time really flies when you’re having fun here—and our Mountain Biking class, taught by the amazing Grace E. and Megan M., prepared to take on a portion of the Tomahawk Trail!

Lunch today was especially yummy—batches of stromboli, a classic Merri-Mac favorite, ran out in less than 10 minutes flat! Marinara dipping sauces and fresh carrots decked every plate. Today called for tribe song switches, so each tribe sang a song that belonged to the others, changing around some of the words, of course! After cheering, clapping, and stomping to their hearts’ content, our girls practically rushed out the door to slow down for a while during Rest Period, with the excitement of Trading Post following quickly after! Tetherball and Twix, and Gaga Ball and Gatorade for all!

Third Period opened with some scattered showers, but it dampened no ones’ spirits here! Sophia S. and Harper H. played games under the safe cover of the Chapel roof as rain pattered daintily against the surface of the lake. By Fourth Period the rain had already moved on, and Abigail M. and Mariah Y. taught how to hit the perfect bulls-eye every time in Archery class!

Tonight, after an incredible supper of BBQ sliders, fruit, and M&M cookies, our tribes will battle it out in Tribal Trivia, a fight for the absolute best answer among the most random sets of questions! We love encouraging good sportsmanship, friendly competition, and zany fun amongst these campers—it’s what sets Merri-Mac girls apart from the rest!

At the final chiming notes of Taps, we drift off to sleep to dream about what awaits in this incredible next week of Camp Merri-Mac life. We love y’all, camp family! See you back tomorrow!


From this Haven,

Audrey M.

Tweedle Dee

DIY Darling

Iroquois Forever!