Sunday is one of my favorite days at Camp Merri-Mac and this Sunday was extra special. The first-ever Merri-Mac Triathlon was an absolute hit! The 37 girls participating have been training and were ready to test their abilities in honor of their tribe. Congratulations to the Choctaw for taking home the fastest times! The girls had a blast cheering on their friends and their counselors along the finish line. We are so proud of all the girls who competed in the challenging race.

After the race, everyone gathered into the tucker-in to feast on the Sunday classic, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Comet cabin took a trip to Eagle Rock for a hike and lunch with a view. The Robin also took a cabin trip to the Boyd’s house to swim in their pool and have fun as a cabin. There was also a waterskiing trip to Lake James today! Victoria N., Taylor W., Annabelle B., Caroline H., Trudi K., and Caroline M. did an amazing job skiing.

All the girls had a restful afternoon, whether they joined in on the free swim at Lake Doris or chatted with friends around the cabin. The best part about a Sunday at Merri-Mac is the cookout. For dinner, we all eat outside and enjoy freshly cooked burgers and hot dogs, watermelon, chips, and cookies as we patiently await vespers. At vespers, we sing fun songs and counselors perform skits for the camp. Later in the evening, Sunnyside, Dreams End, Sun Drop, Dreams Begin, and Rainbow will have Prom and their theme for the dance is Neon! It’s so fun seeing them dressed up in the crazy outfits! It has been an amazing Sunday here and I am looking forward to even more fun tomorrow!

From this haven,

Margaret Virgin