It’s been a Merri Monday here at Merri-Mac! The theme from Sunnyside is America Monday, so there has been a lot of red, white, and blue floating around today. In chapel, we same some old classics, including How Great Thou Art, and one of our Sunnysiders, Grace K. got her gold in guitar by playing for us today!

It’s been a nice sunny day, so we have had lots of water-based trips to cool off. Some of our Tweedles (Emi Story S., Kendall B., Emma F., Emily G., Georgia G., and Dayton K.) went water skiing! Clare M., Abigail M., Madelyn M., Evy V., Josephine V., Millie M., Addison K., and Madelyn M. went rafting, and Kate A., Gretchen N., Ann B., Sabrina R., and Caroline S. went Kayaking on the Nantahala Section 9!

At lunch, we had the special announcement from the Archery sisters that they had a girl earn the first gold bar in archery of the summer, congratulations to Kate L.! Tonight at dinner, we will be celebrating camp legend and the Queen of Merri-Mac, Miss Patti-o! Her 70thbirthday is coming up fast, so we are having a surprise party, where everyone at the camp will have on a shirt with her face printed on it and a party hat. We have even invited some of her friends from the town to come help us celebrate. Patti-o is a key component of camp, and we are all so excited to show her just how loved and appreciated she is for all her hard work.

Afterward, for evening activity we will be playing Fortnite (no brothers, not the same video game you love playing!). The girls are so excited to play this fairly new game, and we can’t wait to see which of the tribes will get the Battle Royal!

From this haven,

Emma Sullins