Hello friends! 

A new year means new projects and improvements around the best camp in NC! Maintaining a summer camp can be a huge job. Robert and his team have been hard at work on facility updates, renovations and additions around camp this off-season! 

Merri-Mac girls that live on Senior Hill during our summer season will be thrilled with the new water system that was put in this fall. A few cabins have newly renovated (and larger) bathrooms including Sunnyside and Stardust. One cabin went a step further to get a full renovation; fans of the Robin will be amazed. 

The Big House (our main office) has a new paint job to greet everyone as they arrive on camp! The Mike (our gymnasium) has new lights to make games of Battle Ball easily seen for all. From landscaping projects to new toilets, Robert, Bobby and their teams have a great eye for detail. We are excited for you to see everything else that is happening at Camp Merri-Mac!

Our brother camp, Camp Timberlake, is also working hard to get camp ready this off-season. You can check out  new additions to their property here.

We can not wait to see everyone for opening day in just 141 days! 


Happy camping, 


Proud Choctaw & Assistant Director