This Thursday was a wonderful last day of activities for many of the girls at camp.  Starting with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits, the girls had a day crammed full of fun, adventure, and a little rain.

Many of the activities celebrated the last day of 3A, including a campfire in backpacking. 3rd-period dance celebrated with duet battles. Lucy C. and Sara Jane T. danced off against Caroline B. and Avery F. to the Broadway song “Waving Through A Window.” In DIY, campers decorated pens with flowers, felt, and feathers—a fun craft to show off in class this fall!

Several girls also went on a rafting trip today! Carline S., Cara H., Emory F., Ella S., Kirby U., Emma W., Maggie S., Dawson Q., Claire M., Natalie P., and Sydney C. all headed out on the river for an exciting ride.

Tonight, we also celebrated the end of 3A with the White Feather ceremony in both upper and lower camp. At this ceremony, girls are recognized for any silver or gold bars they receive, camper and counselor commendations, and promotions. Avery F. received her silver bar in dance. Maddie P. earned her silver in diving, and Julia K. got her gold in fitness! Receiving both silver and gold in lacrosse were Avery F., Caroline B., Georgia N., and Grace H. earned her silver and gold in soccer, too. Trista R. earned her silver in climbing, and Caroline S., Sydney S., and Nataleigh P. all earned silver in diving! In Fencing, Elizabeth M. and Nataleigh P. got their silver bar. Marin D. and Nataleigh P. received silvers in fitness. Sophia N. earned her silver in guitar, and Sylvia B. and Dana B. earned gold in junior lifesaving! In kayaking, Lily H. earned her gold. Isabelle T. and Sophia N. earned both silver and gold in lacrosse. Hannah S. received her silver and Taylor S. received her gold in mountain biking. Sabina S. earned a silver in soccer, and Griffin B. earned her gold in soccer. In swimming, Sydney S., Caroline S., and Olivia B. all earned silvers. Receiving a silver and gold in tennis were Maryalice A., Griffin B., and Amelia M.

Bethany H., Susanna A., Caroline B., Avery F., Caroline C., Louise M., Lila K., Ila Rodda., Nora F., Grace M., Greta V., Lauren J., Caroline R., Lane H., Regan M., Elizabeth M., Sydney S., Marin D., Caroline K., Margaret J., Griffin B., Kat K., Caroline S., Sarah Frances W., Ivy C., Riley M., Laurence B., Anna K., Sophia N., and Sabrina R. all received camper commendations, voted on by their cabinmates. Bethany H., Leyton G., Caroline B., Ella S., Anne Caldwell M., Sara Jane T., Julia K., Flannery P., Sofia C., Caroline M., Riley T., Reese C., Carys H., Cecelia B., Helen G., Jenna H., Sydney S., Ellie G., Alaina H., Olivia B., Bradley M., Sophia S., Sahara N., Kathryne W., Ivy C., Janie H., Laurence B., Lindsay J., Taylor S., and Caroline S. all received counselor commendations. Counselors elect girls from their cabins that show leadership—being strong, not rude, and gentle rather than weak. Receiving elective marks were Sofia C., Clare M., Merrit G., Lyla A., Margaret J., Dana B., Spencer C., Griffin B., Olivia B., Kathryne W., Maryalice A., Taylor S., Caroline D., and Caroline S.

Earning three marks and achieving the rank of Arrow were Sofia C., Reese C., Bethany H., Carline C., Carys H., and Sara Jane T. Earning seven marks and achieving the rank of Crazy Creek were Caroline B. and Cecelia B. Achieving the rank of Running Deer were Laurence B., Merrit G., Olivia H., Jenna H., and Keira L. Achieving the rank of Red Tail were Maryalice A., Lily H., Taylor S., and Isabelle T.

After a long day of silence and carrying her rock, among other adventures, Riley M. earned the rank of White Feather this evening.

All in all, today was a day full of Merri-Mac fun and tradition. Even a little rain could not keep this camp from celebrating White Feather and the amazing achievements of these campers. To celebrate a wonderful session, the girls are playing a camp-wide relay race. I leave now to go cheer them on to the finish line!

From this haven,


Anne Darby Keating

First-year Counselor, Up Yonder