Today is the day of ME’s princess party. But I digress. We’ll start where all good stories begin: at the beginning. This morning, we woke of and braved the chilly morning to feast on pancakes and sausage links. After a great chapel message from Adam Boyd about how Jesus befriends the outsiders, cabins were cleaned and campers scrambled to their activities. Out on a rafting trip were Georganne W., Eva S., Kennedy A., Eleanor F., Goldie G., Julia K., Jane M., Grace M., Caroline M., Lucy C., Grace H., Juliet L., and Sofia C. On the Mountain Biking trip was Spencer C., Marin D., Olivia B., Jenna H., Elizabeth M., Trista R., Lillian S., and Kathryrne W. It was the last day of classes for the Monday-Wednesday-Friday activities, so DIY and pottery projects were carefully packed up to go home. Campers played one last round of airsoft and took one last dip in Doris. A mid day pick me up was the delicious lunch of pizza casserole. Bow tie pasta, pepperoni, and cheese? Need I say more. Despite light rain in the afternoon, the rest of the day’s activities were as fun as the morning’s. Girls then prepped for the princess party, putting on their best dress, and headed to dinner. Roast beef, baby potatoes and roasted veggies filled us up for the show. Finally, we’ve arrived en media res. Princess ME’s party, held on Mackey’s Green. Everyone gathered in their crazy creeks, 6 ft apart, as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” played in the background. The party’s theme was the Wizard of Oz, and the CIT’s put on a show for us with the help of the cabin princesses. They were Eleanor M., Lila K., Scotland B., Isabelle T., Maryalice A., Reagan M., Breland B., Sarah M., Clare M., Lyla A., Kate L., Ella S., Sophia N., Lauren D., and McKenna N.

After a heartwarming play, we serenaded Princess ME before heading to bed, dreams of a land somewhere over the rainbow. 


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