Hi, my name is Elena S. and I teach archery and lacrosse here at Merri-Mac. I am a first-year counselor and today’s officer of the day. For those who don’t know what ‘officer of the day’ it is a position where a counselor volunteers to document and observe a day in the life at Merri-Mac. Since I am a first-timer at Merri-Mac, I am still learning all of the traditions and don’t get to see all the activities that Merri-Mac has to offer, but today I was given the chance to explore the camp and witness all the classes first hand.


Today started out sunny with a cool crisp breeze that refreshed camp from yesterday’s blazing sun. The bugle sounded off at 7 am and everyone was up and about getting ready for the day. Campers rushed down to Tucker Inn to get some delicious breakfast that consisted of french toast, fresh fruit, and sausage. After eating, the majority of us headed up to chapel, and sang one of the camps most coveted songs, “Pharoh Pharoh” followed by the classic “Good, Good Father.”  Later, the lovely Lacy F. who is a part of the senior staff shared a true story that tied in with Romans 10:9 and spoke about human distraction and how it can cause us to sin.


While most of the camp was worshiping God in the chapel some were able to worship Him by exploring into His creation. On today’s climbing trip was Ivy C., Everly H., Janie H., Katherine M., Addie K., and Ansleigh S.


Throughout the day I was able to watch and see the girls engage and enjoy their daily activities. In DIY, Anne Dillion L. was teaching me how to weave some knots for the macrame project and it reminded me of Lacy F.’s talk and how life can get confusing and messy, just like this macrame project. Luckily, Anne Dillion L. was able to unknot my yarn and save my project, which is just like God and how he can save us. Next, I hiked up the hill to Pippin Hill and observed some intense but soothing yoga. It was challenging as well as relaxing which I greatly appreciated. Next, we raced down to eat some lunch and then headed off for some beautiful rest time. Afternoon activities ensued by the end of the day I learned how to canoe, knit, and mountain bike. Diner re-energized me because it was manicotti! This is one of my favorite foods and my campers were asking for thirds!


All in all day, today was a good day and as I sit and reflect, I was able to see God unknot a lot of things in the camper’s lives as well as my own, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.




Elena Spengler


Blue Heaven Counselor