It was a happy Wednesday here at Camp Merri-Mac! Campers raced down to the dining hall early this morning to find that all-time favorite was being served for breakfast — coffee cake and baked oatmeal. After the campers had eaten all they could of the delicious meal, they went up to the chapel where they sang songs and listened to a message given by THE Adam Boyd on “Who is Man?”.

In keeping with Merri-Mac’s motto “Growth through friends and adventure”, many girls ventured out into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on backpacking and mountain biking trips. On the backpacking trip was Olivia B., Griffin B., Chloe R., Sylvia B., Isabella S., Jenna H., and Claire M. And on the mountain biking trip was Ivy C., Janie H., Taylor S., Hannah S., Kat K., and Aubrey W.

Meanwhile back at camp, girls enjoyed the sunshine and engaged in their classes. In PAWS, campers learned new commands and trained the puppies using treats. In tennis, girls worked on their bars by learning the parts of the court and by practicing their forehands, backhands, and serves. In the Mike, the girls in dance were learning some fresh new moves from Gracie Rae H. and Anne Dillion L. Over by Spencer’s Green, the pro soccer players were… oh wait.. it just came to my attention that they weren’t pros, but just regular campers (they had me fooled!). Anyways, the girls in soccer juggled the ball most skillfully and worked on their passes. After this eventful morning of classes, the hungry campers dashed to the Tucker Inn to find that Tina and the kitchen staff had whipped up ANOTHER camp favorite meal of mini corn dogs and mac-and-cheese. After the girls devoured this bangin’ meal, they headed to rest hour before returning to their fun-filled classes for third and fourth period.

After this exciting and adventure-filled day of classes and trips, the girls filled their bellies with a scrumptious dinner of grilled chicken, wild rice, steamed carrots, with an ice cream treat for dessert! Finally, to end the evening the three tribes competed in some of the best games there are: Gold Rush (for upper camp), and Sock War (for lower camp).

Upon reflecting on this amazing day here at camp, I am thankful for this special place which allows campers to unplug and find joy in a time in which it is truly needed.

From this Haven,

Holly Hutcheson

A very proud Seminole

10th summer at Merri-Mac

Stardust Counselor

Go Tarheels!