Hello friends and family! 


Today was another beautiful day at Camp Merri-Mac. As we close out our first week of 3A more girls are working towards higher bars and are all around killing it in their classes! As the lacrosse head for Merri-Mac, I have rewarded over 90 bars as of today. Regardless of bronze, silver, or gold our girls have been putting in work to reach and exceed their goals for camp this summer. Tonight we celebrate those who have achieved enough marks to be awarded a rank at our white feather ceremony. Today it cooled off a bit here in Black Mountain, providing the perfect shade for our outdoors activities such as; lacrosse, soccer, fitness, mountain biking, and all our activities at the beloved Lake Dorris. We also had a backpacking trip go out this morning after breakfast. Our dear friends Chris and Emily took out: Grace M., Elizabeth S., Ella W., Greata R., Ella B., Kate B., Brooke B., Taylor W., Caroline R., Lauren D., Regan L., and Reese C. 


As a first year staff member I have truly been in awe of what I have seen God doing in the lives of these beautiful girls. Today Sarah R. from Rainbow cabin spoke on “Who is God?”. Her simple answer was that He is our protector in times of danger by telling us the story of her solo 13 experience and how God protected her in a time when she was truly lost. There is one part of the Camp Psalm that has stuck out to me during this summer of unknown.  The line that has stuck out  “God shall guard from every ill, keep my soul in safety still” embodies exactly what Sarah means. 2020 was supposed to be a fresh start for many of us, but obviously took a turn for the worst. These girls needed camp more this summer than ever. When we sing the Camp Psalm and hear messages such as the one Sarah shared today we are reminded that we are protected by God during this time of unknown. Our mission here at Merri-Mac is to grow closer to the Gospel through friendship and adventure, your girls are doing exactly that. Seeing all the sweet smiles and hearing the melodious laughs makes all the COVID-19 regulations worth it. 


We are surrounded by God’s amazing creation, but there is something much more beautiful happening in your girl’s hearts. Camp is a safe escape from everything happening in the outside world. As we continue camp please be praying for continued safety of our sweet campers. Thank you for sharing your girls with us during the summer of flexibility!


Samantha (Sam) Ray

Seminole Pride

1st Summer at Merri-Mac

Comet Counselor