It is hard to believe that another week of camp has already gone by!  Campers woke with excitement this morning, cleaned their cabins, and headed to Tucker Inn for a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and fruit.  We then went to chapel, where we heard Adam talk about how Jesus is different than anyone else.

Classes began, and it was clear that campers are in the swing of things here at camp.  The knitting class worked on making blankets, scarves, and bookmarks, while the guitar class learned how to play one of their favorite songs from chapel: “Light the Fire.”  Meanwhile, the climbing class was introduced to crack climbing at the tower and the soccer class practiced shooting and passing.  In archery, I watched Caroline R. from Stardust get a bullseye!

Lunch was a delicious combination of ham and cheese sandwiches, pretzel bites, cantaloupe, grapes, broccoli, and tomatoes.  All three tribes sang their tribal songs with pride, and it was announced that Choctaw won Counselor Hunt AND spirit points last night!  Go Choctaw!

After lunch, we were all refreshed by rest time, followed by treats from Trading Post.  The afternoon brought some heavy rain, but that didn’t stop us from having lots of fun.  The pottery class glazed their pieces, the backpacking class learned how to use compasses, and in yoga, campers experienced a relaxing meditation.

Dinner consisted of chicken, rice, vegetables, egg rolls, and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Now, campers are enjoying lots of fun evening activities: Extreme Bingo, Battle Ball, cabin night, and El Presidente!  Afterwards, we will close the evening with some cabin activities.  Shoutout to Tweedle Dum that will be heading to the cooking kitchen to make an evening snack!

We are continuing to stay happy and healthy here in the haven of camp.  It has been such a privilege to see camp continue to thrive in a time of uncertainty and chaos.  Campers are embracing all of the additional rules we must follow to stay safe this summer, and we are certainly not letting them get in the way of experiencing friendship and adventure.  So much growth and relational development is happening here, and I am honored that you are sharing your girls with us to be a part of this.  I am confident that this summer will leave a mark on them.

From this haven,

Emily Cowser

Backpacking and Canoeing Instructor

Tweedle Dum Counselor