We are wishing you all the happiest of Tuesdays from here at camp! The beautiful sun arose this morning over camp, allowing for a spectacular Merri day to begin! Right on time, the bugle rang at 7 am, and girls from all around camp sprung out of their beds to make their beds quickly and begin their chores. I have to say I heard a lot of singing and dancing this morning as chores were commencing. Cabins raced down the hill eager to devour another yummy breakfast. Breakfast this morning was as mouthwatering and delicious as ever with biscuits, potatoes, eggs, and oatmeal! From there, the magnificent Sunnysiders announced that it was “Tacky Tourist Tuesday.” Meaning that for the entire day, girls all around camp put on their tackiest tourist wear that they could find. I saw some fabulous Hawaiian shirts and fun sunglasses everywhere! Also, those awesome Sunnyside gals announced that it was Disney Day today! It was SO much FUN! We sang along at each meal to Disney favorites Moana, Mulan, Tangled, High School Musical, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and many more! From there, girls strolled to chapel and sang along to “I’ve Got a River of Life,” “Jesus Paid it All,” and “10,000 Reasons.” Sam R. of the wonderful Comet cabin led Chapel this morning and addressed the question of who is God? She read from Matthew 6:25-34 and spoke of how God is peace in times of worry!

Today, Tweedle Dum took a cabin trip out to a swimming hole. On this amazing trip was Daley C., Emmaline D., Abigail D., Reagan M., Sabrina R., Caroline S., and Anna S. Our magical Disney day continued into our activities in the morning with beautiful sunshine until a little drizzle greeted us in the afternoon. Although not to worry, no rain will stop a Merri-Mac girl! Drama was perfecting their acting skills by working on their improv! I was extremely impressed! Over in archery, they were doing target work. Guitar was strumming along today as they were introduced to the parts of the guitar and worked on learning chapel favorite “Light the Fire.” Over in Riflery, those girls were shooting right on target. Climbing worked on figure eight follow through knots today. While soccer worked on their dribbling skills and played a fun scrimmage! I wouldn’t want to be a goalkeeper going up against these future soccer stars! Yoga class was as zen as ever as they worked on their breathing exercises, postures, and balance. After this incredible adventure filled morning, tummies were ready for a delicious lunch. Tina and her cooking staff definitely impressed again as they always do with some of the yummiest chicken caesar wraps that you could ever imagine! Definitely need to get that recipe from Tina!

Following a fulfilling lunch and more sweet Disney songs, girls were eager to discover who won Sock War last night. Drum Roll… the mighty Iroquois took home the win, with the cheerful Choctaw winning spirit points. Girls then strolled back to their cabins to enjoy rest hour. Today, I heard that many of the girls took naps, wrote letters home (so be keeping a lookout for those), and worked on friendship bracelets. Right on time, the CITs delivered trading post to every cabin for a yummy snack. Afternoon activities then began with those sweet and lively puppies in PAW’s getting to meet more campers. Those puppies and campers alike were overjoyed to get to know each other and play lots of games (pup Archie definitely won a round of tug of war). Swimming class worked on their strokes. While kayaking and canoeing each worked on their strokes as they leisurely strolled around Doris basking in the sunlight. In knitting, Anna R. is making a shirt and Erin I. is impressing with her socks that she is knitting, while Breeland B. is making a scarf. I also saw some incredible bookmarks being made today by so many girls! Those outdoor adventure girls over in backpacking worked on their clove hitch knots, taught line hitch, and Bowline Knots as well as leave no trace! DIY is as crafty as ever as they created macramé hangings! The audacious and fearless mountain biking girls worked on learning how to use your DISC front and back brakes. Grace E. said that these brakes are much stronger than your average bike at home. I even heard that an awesome mountain biking trip is headed out to DuPont tomorrow. Pottery was continuing with the magical Disney day theme, as they worked on constructing and perfecting their fairy houses! They are GORGEOUS!

Time moves so quickly here at camp. As I sit here and reflect upon the day, I am once again filled with the utmost joy and happiness as I feel like the luckiest person to have witnessed all of your sweet girls growing through friendship and adventure. Whether that be a girl in Jiggity Jog laughing and smiling ever so eager to help her new friend out with her friendship bracelet, or whether that be over in Mountain Biking as those girls tackle these beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. It was most certainly another magnificent Merri day. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your extraordinary girls with us; they are each so special!

From this Haven, 

Hannah Griffin 

Proud Seminole (Go Noles!)

14th Summer at Merri-Mac

Sunnyside Counselor