Wishing Everyone the Happiest of Merri-Mac Mondays!


The sun rose over the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains, letting a remarkable and special Merri day to begin here at Merri-Mac! As the bugle rang at 7 am, girls sprung out of their beds eager to begin their first full day. We enjoyed a mouthwatering breakfast of fruit, sausage, and waffle sticks (my sweet Sunnysiders want me to make sure I tell you guys that “those waffle sticks were cooked to perfection.” Thank you, Tina, you are a cooking queen!). From there, we strolled to Chapel and sang along to camp favorites “The Banana Song,”, “Good Good Father,”, and “As the Deer.” Adam led chapel reading from Luke 15 and addressed the matter of how God doesn’t want us to just say the words, but that he wants us to actually believe, know, and have a relationship with him. 


Today a rafting trip went out with Ansleigh S., Lily T., Breland B., Everly H., Laurence B., Caroline D., Sabrina R., and Caroline S. The first day of classes was a roaring success. These Merri-Mac girls were doing all sorts of exciting things today. My fitness gals conquered a trail run (so proud!). Over in archery, I heard that we have many girls with the aim of Katniss Everdeen! WOW! Each class worked on achieving their bronze bar! Kate L. was working on platinum in Archery (OH MY, that gal has got great aim). Summer reading was as peaceful as ever as they lounged and relaxed on Tweedle Porch overlooking beautiful Merri-Mac as they read intently and rapidly. Over in Riflery, those fierce and brave girls shot very successful rounds. During Mystery time, girls from Stardust to Sunnyside worked on friendship bracelets while laughing harmoniously together.  


After that adventurous filled morning, girls sprinted down to Tucker-Inn for a delectable lunch of cheeseburgers. Let me tell you, they were so tasty! Then the mighty Iroquois found the Hatchet! Legend has it that whoever finds the hatchet and lifts it to the sky, shall win the banner. Good job Quois! The girls raced up to their cabin for rest hour. This is a time that provides for some peaceful quiet time where girls read new stories, take lovely naps, make friendship bracelets, and write letters home. The CITs delivered Trading Post to every cabin for a yummy afternoon snack. Those puppies who are as vivacious and loving as ever as they got to meet our new campers today! Lacrosse introduced the necessary fundamental skills to play the great game of LAX. While over in kayaking, girls learned to smoothly maneuver their boats fluidly and rapidly around beautiful Lake Doris. Canoeing enjoyed basking in the sunshine as they leisurely paddled all around magnificent Lake Doris.  


Today and every day, we are incredibly thankful, excited, and blessed to be able to welcome our 3rd session campers. We are ecstatic and absolutely over the moon that these beautiful girls are finally with us. Their adventure began today, and they will each make lifelong memories and adventures to last a whole life’s true. Rest assured that your sweet girls are safe, happy, and loved. As I sit here and reflect upon the day, I can’t help but laugh and smile as I hear an abundance of tribal cheers as your sweet girls are playing a very spirited and fun game of sock war (personally, I am hoping the Noles can pull out a win)! In all of my years of camping, this summer is most certainly the most unique, but I resolutely believe that this will be the most important and memorable summer that we will ever experience here at Merri-Mac. I have walked around all day, and everywhere I go, there is such a bright light in each of your girl’s eyes of happiness, glee, and joy that they are back laughing in harmony with their friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these magnificent girls with us, their influence on this sweet haven will last a lifetime!


From this Haven, 


Hannah Griffin 


Proud Seminole (Go Noles!)


14th Summer at Merri-Mac


Sunnyside Counselor