Hello Merri-Mac friends and family! Despite the rain, today was a fun-filled first day back at camp. The girls are having a great time getting back into the swing of things. It was such a pleasure being able to watch the new campers become a part of our wonderful camp community.


The campers exhibited lots of enthusiasm as they searched for the hatchet with their tribes. It’s already so evident how much tribes mean, even to new girls! River and Canyon neighborhoods played sock war tonight, while Forest and Mountain neighborhoods played base jumping. I’m eager to hear who won these games and I’m sure the campers are even more excited!


Due to the rain this afternoon, some activities had to adjust their locations; but counselors were still able to address the safety talks and get to know the campers in each class. Cooking class baked chocolate chip cookies and it was such a treat seeing the puppies in PAWS! One of the new activities, Vintage Games, included bocce ball in class today. I saw one girl almost hit a bullseye in archery. The girls are achieving goals and becoming even more accomplished every day while here at camp. I’m so excited for a great session with these wonderful campers! Go Red Wolves!


Gretchen Nauck