Today at Merri Mac, we finally had a break from the rain and saw the beautiful North Carolina sunshine! After chapel, we headed off to our morning activities to conquer the day.

Today during diving, Meriweather Lewis, Mary Regan Clements, and Astin June Mitchell all jumped off the diving board. Meanwhile, the other girls swimming worked on freestyle and backstroke. In climbing, Sydney Clay and Uma Venegas climbed to the top of the upper tower for the first time! In canoeing, Lucie Inman did the canoe slide and played “stinky fish.” In PAWS, we continued to train our puppies. Mary Adams King had a chance to walk Mallow. In dance, Sydnie Caldwell worked hard and earned her bronze bar.
We had chicken caesar salad wraps for lunch, and then evening activities were announced: Great Escape for lower camp and Battle Ball for upper camp! I wonder who will win. The Golden Eagles, Black Bears, or Red Wolves?!? Today was a great day and I can’t wait for tomorrow!