Today was such an exciting day at Merri-Mac! In terms of bars, Isabelle T. got her silver in basketball after working so hard! Also, Loy H., Dana B., and Anne M. got their gold in tennis after playing for several classes and being so driven to get it. They did awesome! Lots of girls were also working on their bars in archery this morning, and Alison M. is so close to getting her bronze! She has also been working so hard and is so dedicated! At the lake was another awesome free swim day! The Emergency Water Safety class even played a riveting game of water polo, which was very entertaining. In cooking, the girls got to make delicious mac and cheese as well as pigs in a blanket, and drama put on a fantastic performance this afternoon that they had been practicing so much for during class. They all did a great job!

Several cool trips went out today, too! Vivi F., Amelia M., Marah M., Martha O., Annabeth M., Marin D., Cora A., Ansley C., Reagan M., Lila O., and Olivia W. all got to go on a very exciting hike to Big Piney, and they all said it was quite the adventure! They got to explore all around the woods by camp and had a blast. A rafting trip got to go out today too, and on it was Parker B., Sofia C., Josie C., Grace H., Juliet L., Jane M., Amelia M., Flannery P., and Reese W. They had such a great time on the river! A kayaking trip also got to go out today, and Maren K., Sofia N., Paisley S., Kate H., Caroline S., and Trista R. were exited to take on the river as well and practice all their high-level skills. It was an adventurous day around here, that’s for sure. All the girls had a blast experiencing the world around camp and practice what they’ve learned in their classes.

Tonight is Everly H.’s princess party! We don’t know the theme yet, but the girls all get to dress up and head down to Mackey’s Green to find out what it is (Shrek 2!!)! All the cabin princesses have been practicing all day and the rest of camp cannot wait to see all their hard work come to fruition. Last night was cabin night, and all the cabins had a blast being able to spend extra time together and do some fun activities. Rainbow, Dreams Begin, and Sunspot got to do a Trashion Show in The Mike, which is where all the girls were split into teams and had to make a fun dress out of trash bags! Then they got to walk down the runway with spotlights and show off their creations. It was so much fun! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds here at Camp Merri-Mac!