Good evening, Merri-Mac families! We had yet another beautiful day in the mountains filled with lots of exciting events! This morning, campers rose bright and early, heading down the hill to eat some biscuits, eggs, and potatoes prepared by our incredible kitchen staff. After that, our chapel was lead by sunnyside, which are the oldest campers on camp. They reflected on what camp has meant to them throughout the years and proceeded to take a quick jump into Lake Doris.

After chapel, the festivities of this terrific Thursday began! Kellie M., Audrey K., Evelyn C., Kaci M., Emerson S., Nina L., Charlotte C., Lilliana E., Glynes H., and Isabella C. embarked on an awesome hike while Zelle W., Cecelia G., Mary Paige S., Lucy W., Harper B., and Amelia L. set out on a kayaking trip.

In PAWS, girls gave the puppies a much-needed rinse as they have recently learned just how much they love water. In DIY Crafts, campers continued to make their journals even more beautiful and I spotted a few sunnyside campers writing letters to our amazing staff members who make our Merri-Mac world go round.

After a camp favorite for lunch (or maybe just my favorite), cheeseburgers, waffles fries and fruit, we headed up to our cabins to pack . Later on, at the bottom of the hill, girls in backpacking successfully built a fire while campers in Knitting and Pottery put the final touches on their projects. As I was walking around camp today, I heard girls in Guitar playing songs they have been working on while puppies were barking in the background. One of my favorite parts about our haven in the mountains is that whether you’re at the top of Pippin Hill or sitting on the porch of the Big House, you can always hear campers singing. The singing heard on camp ranges anywhere from tribal cheers during an evening activity to the Camp Psalm during chapel every morning. The songs we sing here at Camp Merri-Mac exemplify the camaraderie and sisterhood that this camp fosters in each one of the girls that enter its gates. After activities, we sat down in the Tucker Inn to eat some tasty chicken parmesan.

Tonight is a special night as it is the last night of the first session. We will recognize girls earning special awards in their activities, cabins, and White Feather promotions. We will also attend the Lakeside ceremony, where we will sing special songs honoring the friendships we have made at Camp Merri-Mac.


These are the following White Feather awards:





Silver     Ruthann S., Courtney W., Gennie P., Katie Ann M., Reese Z., Enley M., Addie W., Elisabeth M., Glynes H.,

               Lucy L., Eliza D., Caroline N.



Silver     Emma M., Griffin B., Caroline N., Rachael B., Ashlyn H., Tori M., Sarah Dial A.



Silver     Sydnuie C., Amelia L., Adeline P.

Gold      Elli S., Adeline P., Anna S.



Silver     Claire K.

Gold      Isabella W., Caroline M., Sarah B., Glynes H., Sara Harper B.



Silver     Nova C.

Gold      Nova C.


Junior Life Saving

Silver     Louise D., Lila I., Adelaide W., Glynes H., Mary Richard E., Ava Rose K.

Gold      Adelaide W., Elisabeth M.



Silver     Mary Clayton S.



Silver     Greer H.

Gold      Mackenzie W., Mary Clayton S.


Merri-Mac Move

Silver     Louisa K., Charlotte W., Louise C., Elizabeth K., Sophie F., Louisa D.

Gold      Maisie H.


Mountain Biking

Silver     Laine M., Isabella W., Charlotte W., Finley H., Collman F.



Silver     Griffin B., Pearce W., Lucy L.



Silver     Emerson S., Ava Rose K., Elli B., Laura Kate H., Mary Harper C., Griffin B.



Silver     Avery G., Pearce W., Cooper K., Laura Kate H., Mary Clayton S., Isabella C., Isabella W., Parrish K.

Gold      Glynes H., Isabella C., Ella W., Laura Kate H., Parrish K., Mary Clayton S., Cooper K., Sadie E., Pearce W.



Silver     Carlyle S., Anna M., Lucy M., Lavina C., Callie L., Madeline W., Evelyn C., Audrey K., Emily C., Miller C., Lucy W.,

               Reese Z., Amelia L.

Gold      Audrey K., Lucy M., Avery G., Lucy W., Emily C., Lila I., Lavina C., Callie L., Laura P., Reese Z., Katie Ann M.,

              Rachael B., Amelia L., Ruthan S.





Wendy D., Meigs G., Josie D., Laura Catherine M.



Arrington B., Emma Vance S.



Sofia B., Caroline D., Shealy H., Daire K., Lucy M., Addie Gray O., Nova C., Sophia F., Campbell H., Louise K., Maye N., Carly S.


Crazy Creek

Sarah Dial A., Anna E., Parrish K., Addy W., Emily C., Ashlyn H., Emma M.


Long Bow

Miller C., Lila I.


Running Deer

Hallie B., Elli B., Lavinia C., Charlotte C., Lilianna E., Maisie H., Audrey K., Laine M., Katie Ann M., Lily N., Laura P., Sarah Harper B., Isabella C., Aurelia C., Louise D., Avery G., Claire K., Amelia L., Taylor M., Ginnie M., Kelsey O., Kate R., Elizabeth S., Ella W., Pearce W., Frances T., Mackenzie W., Nina L.


Red Tail

Sadie E., Courtney W., Gennie P., Reese Z.


Junior Feather

Elizabeth M.


White Feather

Mary Clayton S., Lucy L.


Honor Camper:


Tweedle Dee Meigs G.

Tweedle Doe Frannie H.

Tweedle Dot Mila B.

Tweedle Dum Maeve T.

Overall Junior Honor Camper Betty Lou F.

Cross Patch Shealy H.

Happy Hallow Addie Gray O.

Jiggity Jig Allie W.

Jiggity Jog Anney C.

Little Dipper Nova C.

Milky Way Miller C.

Stardust Sarah Dial A.

The Robin Millie S.

Up Yonder Elizabeth K.

Overall Intermediate Camper Caroline B.

Big Dipper Collman F.

Blue Heaven Maisie B.

Cloud Nine Elizabeth M.

Comet Adeline P.

Dreams Begin Emerson S.

Dreams End CoCo N.

Lavender’s Blue Hope K.

Moonmist Maria S.

Rainbow Adair L.

Sun Drop Virginia M.

Sunnyside Sarah B.

Overall Senior Hill Honor Camper CoCo N.


Camper Commendations:


Tweedle Dee Meigs G., Catherine P.

Tweedle Doe Frances H., Carlisle K.

Tweedle Dum Arrington B., Evelyn M.

Tweedle Dot Madeline Q., Laura Catherine M.

Sunspot Bailey S.

Jiggity Jig Polly M., Blair B.

Jiggity Jog Ivy K., Jane D.

Happy Hallow Maye N., Paige K.

Up Yonder Elizabeth K., Clara Hartwell F.

Cross Patch Shealy H., Annette L.

The Robin Carly S., Lily J. M.

Stardust Hannah M., Sara Dial A.

Milkyway Emma M., Ann Charlotte J.

Little Dipper Sydney H.

Lavender’s Blue Eleanor D., Sydney B.

Comet Adeline P., Sarah Catherine E.

Big Dipper Laine M., Collman F.

Cloud Nine Elizabeth S., Elizabeth M.

Blue Heaven Kendall W., Annaleigh M.

Moonmist Callie L., Lily H.

Rainbow Lilianna E., Elizabeth M., Eliza D., Nina L.

Dreams Begin Emerson S.

Dreams End Sarah T., Ellie S.

Sun Drop Aurelia C.

Sunnyside Caroline N., Lucy L.


Counselor Commendations:


Tweedle Dee Wendy D., Betty Lou F.

Tweedle Doe Adeline G., Adelaide K.

Tweedle Dum Laney G., Emma Vance S.

Tweedle Dot Libby H., Josie D.

Sunspot Anna W.

Jiggity Jig Caroline D., Allie W.

Jiggity Jog Amelia C., Evie G.

Happy Hallow Addie Gray O., Campbell H.

Up Yonder Elizabeth K., Uma V.

Cross Patch Ella Y., Ann Caldwell M.

The Robin Gracie F., Millie S.

Stardust Stella D., Daire K.

Milkyway Madeline W., Lily Neff

Little Dipper Sofia B.

Lavender’s Blue Sophia F., Lila I.

Comet Adeline P., Elizabeth W.

Big Dipper Laine M., Georgeann W.

Cloud Nine Elizabeth S., Katie Ann M.

Blue Heaven Ava W., Mary Jackson T.

Moonmist Anabel H., Mary Richard E.

Rainbow Mary Clayton S., Ella C., Avery G., Gennie P.

Dreams Begin Mary Paige S.

Dreams End Savannah T., Cooper K.

Sun Drop Virginia M.

Sunnyside Enley M., Avery S.




Big Dipper Finley H.

Comet Adeline P., Anna S.

Dreams Begin Sadie E.

Dreams End CoCo N.

Lavender’s Blue Ashlyn H.

Rainbow Mary Clayton S.

Sunnyside Audrey G., Lucy L., Enley M., Caroline N., Isabella W., Courtney W.


Most Outstanding/Most Improved:



Outstanding Maisie H.

Improved London W.



Outstanding Presley T.

Improved Ashlyn H.



Outstanding Sarah B.

Improved Emi R.



Outstanding Lucy W.

Improved Emi R.



Outstanding Glynes H.

Improved Griffin B.



Outstanding Adeline P.

Improved Sierra K.



Outstanding Mary Clayton S.

Improved Frances H.



Outstanding Molly M.

Improved Maya C.



Outstanding Sydnie C.

Improved Helen O.



Outstanding Sydnie C.

Improved Savannah T.



Outstanding Scout K.

Improved Allie W.



Outstanding Glynes H.

Improved Allie W.



Outstanding Adeline P.

Improved Emily S.



Outstanding Anna S.

Improved Maisie H.



Outstanding Lynley T.

Improved Isabella W.



Outstanding Louise C.

Improved Evie G.



Outstanding Greer H.

Improved Madeline Q.


Merri-Mac Move

Outstanding Anna S.

Improved Louisa D.


Mountain Biking

Outstanding Taylor S.

Improved Isabella Weeks



Outstanding Sadie E.

Improved Lily H.



Outstanding CoCo N.

Improved Louisa K.



Outstanding Charlotte C.

Improved Stella M.


Junior Lifesaving

Outstanding Ava Rose K.

Improved Lila I.



Outstanding Avery C. S.

Improved Adair L.



Outstanding Glynes H.

Improved Mary Clayton S.


Trail Running

Outstanding Molly M.

Improved Malia M.



Outstanding Sarah T.

Improved Elizabeth M.



Outstanding Adair L.

Improved Louise M.


Lakeside ceremony: princess, spirits, and which tribe won the banner!

Princess CoCo N.

Spirit of Good Cheer Eve Q.

Spirit of Sportsman Taylor S.


The banner was won by the Golden Eagle tribe!