We had a wonderful Wednesday at Merri-Mac today! Our morning started bright and early at 7am with reveille followed by a scrumptious breakfast of biscuits, scrambled eggs, and potatoes. Two mountain biking trips went out today to Camp Timberlake. We also had kayaking and rafting trips out! In tennis this morning, the girls practiced their forehand and backhand swings and played a thrilling game of “Queen of the Court”. In fencing, girls got to practice their bladework and fence their friends! Canoeing practiced t-rescues while swimming worked on their bronze, silver, and gold bars. Our Merri-Mac girls are so talented! For lunch, we had delicious chicken caesar wraps, broccoli coleslaw, and fresh fruit. After a much needed rest hour, there were exciting events happening around camp during free time including a dance off for Junior and Intermediate camp! Later on in climbing, girls had the chance to face their fears and climb the upper tower while cheering on their friends! In gymnastics, everyone was working on their skills on the mat and the trampoline. For dinner, we had pork, carrots, rolls, potatoes, and cookies for dessert! The girls are now competing in a spirited tribal game of gold rush and will soon get ready for bed for another great day at camp tomorrow!


From this haven,

Maddie Lemmon

Sundrop Counselor

Proud Red Wolf