Our Merri Mac day started with a slightly chilly morning, but there were smiles all around! After cabin cleanup, the girls had a delicious geometry breakfast complete with sausage, biscuits, and eggs. Then, it was off to a busy day! Lila M., Elizabeth M., London M., Mary Louise C., Bridget C., and Anna C. all started their day with a hike to Eagle Rock while Flora M., Abigail P., Lucy M., Nola Jane S., Ella Grace E., Ella N., Merrit B., and India H. enjoyed the Eagle Rock view and hike later in the afternoon. 


The two night backpacking trip left today and is set to return Saturday morning. Maddie C., Marin C., Molly R., Kate O., Claire F., Julia D., Ginny P., Katherine Claire K., Elizabeth M., Eliza D., Maribel W., Libby C. and Charlotte C. are already experiencing life in the wilderness and have much more fun to come tomorrow. Back at camp, girls learned new strokes in Kayaking and shallow water rescues and deep water re-entry in Canoeing. In Basketball, Griffin B., Katie K., Julia H., and Jillian J. all worked on their bars. In Diving Addie P. and Caroline M. earned their gold, Dahlia A. earned her silver, and Molly C., Mari M., Bridget P., and Ella B. earned their bronze. Though it was slightly rainy this afternoon, campers worked on their bronze bars in Dance, learned about water filters in Backpacking, made personal pizzas in Cooking, and painted in their personalized notebooks in DIY. We also had a wonderful lunch of Pizza Casserole. In Climbing, girls learned how to belay and how to tie the essential figure 8 knot. In Merri Move, the girls got active through Zumba and in Trail Running they ran the Tomahawk. How impressive! Sydney H. earned her gold in swimming and Victoria F., Katherine F., and Anna A. earned their gold in Volleyball. Elizabeth M. earned her bronze in Gymnastics and Hannah S. earned her bronze in Lacrosse. It was a big day for bars here at Merri Mac! 


Tonight, Lower Camp is playing a very entertaining game of Newcomb and Upper Camp is gearing up to play Battleball, my absolute favorite game, on the Tennis Courts. After BBQ chicken for dinner and vanilla ice cream for dessert, we learned that the Golden Eagles had won last night’s game of Gold Rush and the Red Wolves earned Spirit Points! To end this lovely day, the 7th grade cabins (Stardust, Milky Way, Little Dipper, and Lavender’s Blue) will enjoy Free Swim in Lake Doris as the sun goes down. 


It’s been a joyful day at Camp Merri Mac and I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully it will include a win for the Black Bears! 


From this haven, 
Adeline Grimmett 
Milky Way Counselor