Without them knowing, campers just completed their last “normal” day of camp! From confetti pancakes and sausage, through a musical masterpiece of chapel, to a riveting swim fest, their smiles and energy never seemed to fade. Closing out our last day of activities, campers got to ride the camp loop on their mountain bikes, compete in the Merri-Mac Olympic trials in gymnastics class, and catch some air on the blob during free swim!


Although the weather tried to bring us down, a Camp Merri-Mac girl knows to dance in the rain, both metaphorically and literally! Marin D. was so excited to show me her new guitar skills and played me the whole song “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker! Annabeth M. and Emma C. had a special shot at climbing the traverse wall inside the Mike and succeeded with flying colors! Molly C. got an outstanding grouping in archery that started off her bronze bar! Lindsay J., LJ L., Caroline C., and the rest of our amazing Sunnysiders used the rain to put the finishing touches on their suns in tennis and summer reading. The rain cleared up just in time for every camper’s favorite lunch, Greek Day! Campers stuffed their pitas to the brim with chicken, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, and so much more!


We closed the night with some spicy Thai Chili Chicken, rice, and veggies, alongside a perfect slice of pound cake! Lower camp got to play an exciting game of Base Jumping, while upper camp cheered their hearts (and voices) out, rooting for their tribe during Swim Fest. From swimming, to belly flops, campers got to showcase their best strokes and dives to compete for the win. Their determination and positivity are what makes me proud to be a part of the magic that happens here at camp and is what makes me honored to call 18 of these girls my own this session. Campers better rest up for the exciting surprise that awaits them tomorrow!


From this haven,


Brooke Fielder

Moonmist Counselor

Golden Eagle