On this final Monday of camp, the Merri-Mac girls enjoyed a gorgeous, sunny day! The morning started with eggs, bacon, and biscuits with jam. Once breakfast was over and they went to chapel chapel, they then were off to their activites for the day! Campers got to play with the puppies, looking extra cute after being groomed last week, work on getting a bullseye in archery, finish creating their journals in DIY, make delicious brownie waffles in cooking, and so much more! The girls also worked hard trying to earn their bars and succeeded at that!

After a day filled with so much fun, Merri-Mac got the show of a lifetime at our Fine Arts Night! Although it was cut a bit short due to rainy weather, we still got to see two incredibly talented cellists, an awesome artist, and a very talented dancer. While there were so many other amazing acts lined up for this years Fine Arts Night, they will get to show us their talents another time. And aside from the Merri-Macademy Awards, classes were pretty exciting that day anyway!