It was a beautiful day with sunny skies, warm weather, and fun in the air. The campers burst out of bed this morning eager to start the day.  I know the counselors hope that this early morning trend will continue throughout the session! After the cabins were spotless and clean, we started the day with my personal favorite camp breakfast – baked oatmeal! Following breakfast, we had the first chapel of the summer. I have missed the early morning singing of worship songs with my campers and friends so much, it is so sweet to be back at camp! In chapel Adam reminded us that God is not silent, God talks to us. The camp hymn was sung while everyone put their arms around their new friends with excitement of what day had in store.   

The capers were filled with joy and eager to start their activities today! Lots of get to know you games and safety talks were had and the campers started learning and improving their skills in their activities. The kitchen filled the camp with the smell of fresh cookies while Pottery was working on imprinting leaves in clay. The lodge was rocking while Dance was playing free tag and guitar learned some new chords. Arrows were flying in Archery and the hills were alive with the sound of gunshots in the firing range. Team Sports worked up a sweat practicing drills and that’s barely half of the fun activities girls got to enjoy today.


Lunch was a fan favorite – Pizza! After a great meal with our campers, Momo Sarkin announced tonights activity! Drum roll…… SOCK WAR!! Tribal chants filled the dining hall and everyone was so excited to play a classic camp game! The tribal contest has begun after the Hatchet was found by the Golden Eagles. The legend goes that whoever finds the hatchet buried in the woods by last year’s tribal leaders will win the banner. We will have to see if the legend holds true. I couldn’t have imagined a better start to camp and am happy to be back at such a special place that holds so many sweet memories!

From this Haven, 

Elizabeth Johnson