It is a beautiful day at Merri-Mac!
    After cleaning their cabins this morning, campers headed down to breakfast to have some biscuits, eggs, and potatoes. Once they had all of the biscuits and jelly their hearts desired, campers headed to chapel to sing songs and hear a message from Olvey on “Who is God?”. Olvey reminded us that God loves us and cares for us, earthly things may fail us but He will not. Tribal meetings following chapel involved practicing of their tribal cheers for the upcoming tribal events. You could hear each tribe cheering their chants across camp!
    Today is the first day of Monday/Wednesday/Friday activities and everyone is already jumping right into them! Campers are listening to safety talks and learning the basics of their new activities. Mountain biking is working on using their breaks while riding around camp, and campers in kayaking are learning their wet exits. Canoeing is learning the parts of a paddle through song, while knitting is working on casting on to a needle to begin knitting something of their own. Laughter fills camp as campers go to and from activities alongside new and old friends. Girls are learning so much within their activities, but there is also so much learning occurring outside of their activities. Friendships are being formed at the tetherball courts and trading post. It is awesome to see how these girls are able to pick up new activities so quickly and are always willing to learn something new!
      We had mini corn dogs with mac and cheese for lunch! Some Rainbow and Sunnyside campers decided to dress up for “Wacky Wendesday”, wearing all kinds of funky outfits. Momo Sarkin announced yesterday’s winner of Sock War, the Golden Eagles, and spirit points went to the Black Bears. She also announced that tonight’s evening activity is…. GOLD RUSH! Things are starting to get busy at camp and we cannot wait for the rest of the session spent growing through friends and adventure! I can already tell that this year at camp is going to be the best yet and I am so happy to be apart of it!
From this Haven,
Julia Farley Collins