The weather was a bit cooler today, making for a pleasant day here in the North Carolina mountains. In cooking girls made bagels from scratch, while riflery worked towards hitting their target. The girls in cheer led their own warm-up, worked on their tumbling skills, and were put in small groups to perform routines for the class. In PAWS, the girls worked on training the puppies to sit, shake, and lie down. Soccer competed in a scrimmage and mountain biking flew down Pippin Hill. We enjoyed sandwiches and fresh chips for lunch and soaked up the nice breeze during rest hour. Due to the looming weather outside this afternoon, climbing classes were moved indoors; while the older girls worked on their skills on the Mike’s climbing wall, the younger girls mastered the outdoor climbing wall. Backpacking celebrated a fantastic two weeks by making a fire and roasting marshmallows. The advanced dance class worked on leaps and turns, while the beginner/intermediate class learned new steps across the floor and cleaned up their dance to “Shake it Up”. Tennis and pickleball played games to practice hitting serves and volleying, while girls in water activities enjoyed a period of free swim after showing mastery of their skills. Everyone is getting excited for the evening activity – inferno, as they soak up these last moments of Session 1A.

Megann Bebe

Moonmist Counselor