The long-awaited Princess Party is finally here! Campers began the day at the Tucker Inn with a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and yogurt. After the breakfast-songs were finished (including an announcement song containing 77 years of inside jokes) the cabin Princesses were whisked away to Princess Party practice. Each cabin Princess was elected by her cabinmates as a girl who embodies the spirit of Merri-Mac. The Princess Party celebrates these campers, but most importantly, last summer’s Princess. In 2021, Princess Coco was voted on by the entire camp as a girl who embodies Merri-Mac. Now a CIT, Coco wrote and directed a play in which the Avengers saved Planet Marri-Mac. The campers loved it!

While the highly anticipated play was being practiced on Macky’s Green, the rest of camp buzzed with excitement.

At Doris Lake, campers enjoyed learning new kayaking and canoeing skills. My co-counselor Heather Cranford taught girls how to hip snap, a necessary component of the T-save, in the kayak. At the other end of the dock, Claire and Janie practiced swamping a canoe with their campers. The class ended with a canoe slide; the girls loved it!

In riflery, campers tested for bars. Anna Lamb had an especially impressive grouping- the bullet holes were all connected! Sharpshooter alert! The bar-earning-frenzy continued in archery and climbing. Bullseyes were struck, and climbing walls were concurred. Merri-Mac girls are impressive! Fencing, volleyball, guitar, and tennis also tested for bars. I enjoyed hearing sporadic cheers all around camp. Earning bars is difficult, and campers celebrate with each other when the task is accomplished.

Campers can earn bronze, silver, and gold bars in most activities. The bars correspond to a certain number of marks. The ultimate goal of many campers is to become a White Feather, that is, to earn 30 marks.

Many girls spent free time working hard to earn bars. Campers in Fitness ran the Tomahawk trail- a grueling path through the mountainous woods of Merri-Mac’s property. Other campers enjoyed a relaxed afternoon at Trade Po, where Princess Coco’s original song played on repeat.

Today was so fun! It’s always a merry day at Merri-Mac!

Katherine Verm

Comet Counselor